2-Year-Old Shoots Mother and 1-Year-Old Sibling

fox 4 news

Imagine being shot in the chest. Now also imagine that your 1-year-old child also gets shot in the leg. Things couldn’t be much worse. Not unless the shooter is your 2-year-old, and the gun used is the one you carry to protect yourself and your family. Well, that precisely describes a tragic incident in Granbury,…

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3 Considerations For Off Body Carry

Recently my amigo Josh wrote an article titled “Why I Hate Off Body Carry“. This is in part my response to those in our industry who label off-body carry as totally unacceptable.  Of course, I also wanted to address, those who find nothing wrong with throwing their gun in a bag or purse without any…

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Off Body Carry: What Do You Have to Overcome

I do know people who primarily use an off body carry system and do it well but the challenges are great and in my experience off body carry options should be considered a last resort after exhausting all other options. Here is an overview of some of my thoughts on the idea.

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