S9E7: 5 Interesting & Silly Industry Trends

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster some recent observations about the current trends in the shooting and concealed carry industries. Some are interesting, some are silly, and some are rather frustrating. Don’t miss it, and tune into today’s episode!

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Episode 126: Is Your Holster Dangerous? Part 2

Riley gets together with Matthew Maruster to continue their discussion about “dangerous holsters”. We talk about a couple of very popular holsters that seem to give some CCWers problems, and we talk about some concealed carry methods that can be dangerous for gun carriers and highlight which ones shooters should spend time training with to make certain their safety and shooting fundamentals are really solid before heading out the door.

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Common Concealed Carry Positions [INFOGRAPHIC]

concealed carry positions

One of the most important things I tell my new concealed carry students is to experiment with different Carry Positions if the first thing they try doesn’t work for them. In an effort to show the various and most popular positions and discuss the greater benefits of each we have created the below infographic.

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Cold Weather Carry Concerns

Winter Concealed Carry Concerns

I learned and reconfirmed several ideas about cold season carry. Enjoy the time of year. Do not let your awareness falter due to too much holiday celebration! Evil never takes holidays and may target you and yours. Stay prepared, as wolves don’t hibernate.

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