Iowa Constitutional Carry Win and More

constitutional carry for iowa

States across the country continue to charge forward and pass pro-gun legislation. On April 2, 2021, Iowa became the twenty-first state in the country to enact constitutional or permitless carry of handguns. Whats, Iowa became the 4th state in just the first 3 months of 2021 to pass such laws! The most recent state to…

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Episode 141: Is President Trump Secretly Pro-Gun Control??

Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories in the concealed carry and firearms industry world including some important updates out of Michigan where a childcare fight in the courts is resulting in the taking away of 2nd Amendment rights. House Speaker Paul Ryan makes it clear that he’s not just for reciprocity for members of congress, but he wants reciprocity for all law-abiding citizens. Statistics show that CCW permits are soaring among some non-traditional demographic groups. And besides 5 thrilling JUSTIFIED stories, we examine President Trump’s new Communications Director and whether this is a sign that Trump is really a closet gun control supporter.

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Episode 69: National Reciprocity a Reality?

Florida and Wisconsin are keeping the election momentum by moving forward with so pro gun rights legislation… and Jacob has some strong opinions about the Wisconsin proposal. Remington is facing another “trigger” lawsuit and there are some challenges to Trump’s promise of National Reciprocity.

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