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P365 With SIG 365 V-Crown Ammo

Best Self-Defense Ammunition (Hollow Points)

We talk a lot about ammunition on our website, but I’m not sure we’ve ever really discussed what I’d consider to be the best self-defense rounds out on the market, right now. The main issue we see is that because ammo is marketed as “hollow point” or “self-defense” ammunition, people believe that it’s the best […]

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Episode 400: New Gun Owner’s Checklist

So…you bought a gun…now what? Today, Riley Bowman, Jacob Paulsen, and Matthew Maruster get the whole gang together to talk about where and how to get started as gun owners. Even if you’ve owned guns your entire life, chances are there’s something in this episode you didn’t think of or know about.

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G2 Research Telos: Ammo Review Of Sorts

Every so often I get the distinct pleasure of testing ammo. Sometimes I enjoy this than firearm tests, because I get guns sent to me quite often. Ammo, on the other hand, is sent to me only on rare occasions. Though, those companies who make both guns and ammo, usually send both. After all, […]

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