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Which States Have the Most Gun Owners?

Firearm ownership is somewhat uniquely American. Of course, citizens of other countries own firearms. However, firearms have played a critical role in America throughout every period in our country’s history. America tops the list — According to a 2017 ‘Small Arms Survey,’ America boasted 120.5 per 1,000 citizens. That works out to roughly 200 to […]

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Do you know what could be in store if you are a gun owner and also a renter?

Warning: Gun Owner, Don’t Sign That Apartment Lease Agreement Before Reading This

Firearm laws can be so complex and contradictory that gun owners unknowingly violate them and face harsh punishments. What if your state’s law allowed, or didn’t prohibit your landlord from evicting you from your apartment simply for possessing a firearm? Conflicting and Confusing Gun Law: Take, for instance, the New Jersey Magazine capacity law that […]

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