Who is Gaston Glock?

Gaston Glock

All of us know Glock, and it’s very likely that most of you who are reading this either own one yourself or know somebody who does. But what about the man behind the gun? What do we know about Gaston Glock himself? Well, his story is one of self-defense, firearms, and self-defense firearms. Let’s take a lo at the life of this extraordinary man.

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Guardian Nation Live: Dry-Fire Range Day with Jacob Paulsen and Riley Bowman

Guardian Nation Dry-Fire Course

On this episode, Concealed Carry.com President Jacob Paulsen and Creator/Host of the Concealed Carry Podcast Riley Bowman will be broadcasting an in-depth live session from a Dry-Fire Range where we will be focused on the important practice of dry-fire training. In this episode, Riley and Jacob will demonstrate various tools and programs to get greater value from your dry-fire training. 

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