Who is Gaston Glock?

Gaston Glock

All of us know Glock, and it’s very likely that most of you who are reading this either own one yourself or know somebody who does. But what about the man behind the gun? What do we know about Gaston Glock himself? Well, his story is one of self-defense, firearms, and self-defense firearms. Let’s take a lo at the life of this extraordinary man.

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Episode 176: Training in Adverse Conditions

In today’s episode Riley s a couple of audio clips with some great tips and ideas. Cold weather is upon us for many across the country, and regardless if it is the cold or wet or whatever, training is important to do especially during those times when weather may be less than ideal. Listen to today’s episode for tips about how to handle that. Also Matthew Maruster s some thoughts about holster dangers to lo out for and the importance of holster inspection and maintenance. Also Riley gives a raving review on the new XS Sights F8 Night Sights, find out what makes them so great!

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Episode 110: Selecting the Right Firearm For You

While Jacob was traveling on the road, Riley and Gretta decided to get together and record this episode. Geared towards helping a shooter know what to lo for when selecting the right firearm for them, we discuss size, holsters, carrying positions and methods, ergonomics, clothing considerations and how they play into the types of guns we might carry…a newer shooter will find all the info on where to get started with finding the right gun, and a experienced shooter might be cause to rethink their choices…Listen in now!

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