Study in 40 Years of Glock Perfection

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So I know this article will divide the readers into those who are with me and think I am the most brilliant dude ever and those who think I must have had a lobotomy before writing. But, wherever along the spectrum you find yourself, we all are entitled to our opinions, and here is mine:…

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New From Glock: Glock 45 and Two Gen 5 MOS Pistols

We received word from Glock, Inc today that they have announced a few new mos to their up. In two separate press releases, we’ve seen 3 new pistols. The first new offering is what they’re calling, “The Ultimate Service Pistol,” in their G45. The Glock 45 is their latest iteration of a crossover pistol ……

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Episode 204: Shane Coley – Try to Get 1% Better Everyday

Today’s episode of the Concealed Carry Podcast features an interview with Shane Coley, Glock Shooting Team Captain, 2017 USPSA Handgun National Champion, and all-around good dude. There’s some seriously great advice in this interview that we’re confident will help you with handgun mastery. But at the core of it, Shane encourages us all to try to get just 1% better each day, and eventually it will pay off in a big way–on the competition stage or on the street. Enjoy!

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Guns Galore: Glock Announces 3 New Pistols In One Day

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Guns Galore continues as we ramp up for SHOT Show 2018. SHOT Show, in case you didn’t know, is the place to be for firearm industry professionals to get the new scoop on the industry as a whole, as well as any new products being released. It is a highly anticipated even that takes place…

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Episode 187: Lots of New Guns…And New Gun Control

Riley and Jacob talk about the latest in industry news along with our popular JUSTIFIED defensive gun use stories. Today we feature news where a bunch of new guns have been announced, slated to soon hit the market. Also some further gun control is being loed at in Denver, Colorado. Plus the ammo control laws passed in California a little than a year went into effect this week, and boy are gun owner’s lives about to change in the The Golden State as it just became a lot difficult to purchase ammunition. You’re also not going to want to miss the shocking story of just how bad crime in the U.K. has become with muggings and assaults being committed at an incredible rate, many of them with…knives.

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