SoftSeal: Amazing Ear Pro Upgrade | REVIEW, 1 Year Update

ear pro upgrade

Electronic ear pro for shooting is my favorite choice. However, wearing a muff-style ear pro for several hours can become uncomfortable because the ear pads are not exceptionally soft. These replacement ear pads from ReadyUpGear are amazingly comfortable. So much so; I guarantee you won’t go back to standard ear pro once you try them.…

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3 Reasons Using Electronic Ear Protection for Shooting is Best

Shooting guns comes with inherent dangers. One of these is damage to our ears. Hearing loss is cumulative, and does not heal on its own. So wearing hearing protection is extremely important. There are several types of hearing protection, but I think in almost every application, electronic hearing protection is the best choice. Let me…

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Upgrade Your Old Hearing Protection

roger 22 ear pro

  I remember the first time I used electronic hearing protection. I placed the batteries, put them on, and was amazed at what I heard … I heard birds chirping, bees buzzing, and even people talking. Then, each time I fired a shot, or the shooter next to me sent one downrange, it was like…

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