Stand Your Ground for North Dakota?

Permitless Carry North Dakota

The federal executive and legislative branches vow to crack down on American’s gun rights. However, states continue to enact legislation protecting the rights of gun owners across the country. North Dakota may soon join over half of the other states in the country that already have some form of stand your ground law. Pro-gun House…

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Wisconsin Changes CCW Reciprocity for 6 States

According to the State of Wisconsin, concealed carry permits from aware, DC and Rhode Island are now honored and residents of those states may carry legally within the boundaries of Wisconsin if they already have a CCW permit from their home state. Wisconsin has also approved the use of permits from Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Florida,…

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Law Enforcement – To Inform or Not to Inform

Today’s article is not meant to focus on all the things wrong with New Jersey or any other state. I feel that the above story and many others like it make an American gun owner ask the question, “Should I inform law enforcement that I have my firearm or not?”

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