S8E16: Concealed Carry Shopping List

Jacob and Matthew talk through the required shopping list for a responsible Concealed Carrier. Embarking on this journey can be intimidating and expensive so boiling it down to the core must-haves is what this episode is all about.

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Episode 138: The ULTIMATE Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide – Part 1

After receiving an e from a listener, Riley and Jacob were inspired to respond directly to that e with this episode today which has become the ULTIMATE guide for a beginning CCWer. We were asked to cover some subjects that newer CCWers need to know that they might not always figure out right away. Although fundamental information, we are confident newer and experienced shooters alike will find value in this episode.

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The Ultimate Gun Lube Showdown: 7 Products Tested

gun oil test

  We invest a lot of money in purchasing the perfect firearm, and we trust our live’s in its ability to do what it is supposed to do when we pull the trigger. So naturally, when it comes to cleaning and lubing our firearms, we want the latest and greatest product out there. Depending on…

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