[Review] CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance, Read Before Joining

We think every concealed carrier should consider self defense insurance. These products cover associated legal fees in the event you need to defend yourself against criminal or civil legal action. CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance — To clarify, I use the term “insurance” when discussing CCW Safe and other similar products, even though the product…

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Testimony Ends in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial – Verdict Watch with Andrew Branca

testimony ends in trial

When the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse began, I encouraged all our readers to follow Attorney Branca’s legal analysis. I want to reiterate – the implications from this case aren’t important to us 2A defenders. The implications are vitally important! The explosive testimony in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is justifiably big news. Unfortunately, as expected, Kyle’s testimony,…

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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Begins – Follow Along with Andrew Branca

kyle rittenhouse

Two weeks ago, I encouraged all our readers to follow Attorney Branca’s analysis of Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense trial. I want to reiterate – this trial isn’t important to us 2A defenders. Understanding The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is critically important. We need to see the reality of Kyle’s situation to dispel the propaganda sure to end…

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S3E11: Gun Law Changes All Across America Right Now


Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the recent Legislative News from around the US including stories about how one federal judge is opening the door for lawsuits against gun manufacturers, while another is ruling that the 21-year-old age requirement for handgun purchases is unconstitutional. Plus other great news, tune in!!

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Episode 425: When is the Supreme Court Going to Act?

Today. Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster bring you our monthly legislative news update. Not a ton of content in today’s as far as quantity, but there are several very important things to discuss including how the Supreme Court continues to refuse critical cases with huge implications for the Second Amendment.

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