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Episode 374: “I Saw He Had a Pistol…He Saw Me, and We Exchanged Gunfire.” – Interview with Stephen Willeford

Today’s episode is super special, we are pleased to interview Stephen Willeford, the man who ran towards danger with his AR-15 to intervene. Two years have passed since that fateful event, and we check in with Stephen to not only hear his story, but to hear about the recovery for him, his family, and his […]

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Episode 368: Is .380 Becoming Obsolete?

Today, Riley and Matthew discuss the question: is the .380 ACP becoming obsolete? In this day and age of micro-compact 9mm’s is there any good justification for a .380? We’ll also talk about handgun size, fit to hand, and other helpful topics for concealed carriers. Good questions prompting solid discussion today!

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Episode 366: Real-World Ballistics – Defensive Ammo that has Proven Itself with Dave Spaulding

Today, Riley talks with Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives about ammunition options and effectiveness. Recently, Dave “bre the internet” when posting what he’s found over decades of research and studying of the issues. We’ll talk about how Dave has accumulated all of his data and what it means for responsible defenders. It should be an […]

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