VIDEO: Man Knocked Unconscious as People Stand and Watch

I just came across this surveillance video that shows a man being knocked unconscious from a single punch. We’re not masochists, and I don’t enjoy seeing anyone harmed. So, we always consider if there is training value before posting a video of someone being injured or killed. This one isn’t graphic, and I thought it’s…

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Must See – Gun Disarm Surveillance Video Reveals so Much

gun disarm, photo taken from video clip

This 48-second video clip teaches so many vital lessons about the reality of violence. The lessons are universal and apply to everyone, whether they carry a gun or not. So please consider sharing this post with others. I came across this video clip that shows a supposed off-duty New York Police Officer inside a gas…

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Criminals get off scot-free, you’re the one who pays

Today, it seems that criminals can get away with anything. They commit heinous crimes and often don’t face any penalties for their actions. Meanwhile, you’re the one who pays the price. You have to live in a world where you’re constantly worried about your safety. An example is the problem of organized retail theft across…

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