4 Things an Appendix Holster Should Have

appendix sidecar holster

I have been carrying my concealed handgun inside the waistband (IWB), and, specifically, positioned in front for almost 10 years. Carrying in this position, known as appendix carry, has a lot of benefits when compared to other modes of carry. In fact, I didn’t start out by carrying in this position but adopted it…

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Episode 355: Big Guys Can Appendix, Too! – Spencer Keepers

Today, Riley talks with Spencer Keepers of Keepers Concealment. Spencer has become known as the “Appendix Carry Guy.” His company makes arguably the best AIWB holsters on the market (some of the mos can be carried in other positions as well). But Spencer is also a really good shooter, too, having just recently earned his SECOND Turbo Pin (don’t know what that is?…we’ll talk about it)! Should be a great episode today!

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Episode 351: That EDC Life with Bryan Eastridge

Today, Riley talks with Bryan Eastridge of EDC Belt Company. Bryan is a police officer and firearms instructor. We’re going to be talking about important considerations where it comes to gear selection and setup to enhance Every Day Carry (EDC). We’ll dive into what makes his EDC Belt Company’s “Foundation Belt” work for that purpose, and we’ll talk about his recent foray into the podcasting world with his own show the “Lawdog Shooting Sports Podcast.”

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