What is Lyft’s Gun Policy?

Lyft Gun Policy

Recently we to a lo at Uber’s policy towards firearms and due to our findings, several pro-gun folk were wondering about alternatives to the company. That’s why today we’re going to take a lo at Uber’s biggest competitor in the market, Lyft.

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What is IKEA’s Gun Policy?

Ikea Gun Policy

After an incident at an Indiana IKEA this week in which a young child found an unattended firearm in the Swedish furniture store, ConcealedCarry.com has decided to take a lo at the…

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Summer Blockbuster Special! Which Movie Theater Chains are Anti-Gun?

Concealed Carry Movie Theater

If you’re a concealed/open carrier then you know finding movie theaters that are pro-gun is getting tougher and tougher. So for those of you scouring on to see if your local theater is among these anti-gun establishments we at ConcealedCarry.com have put together a list of the major anti-gun theater chains so you know who to check off the list if you don’t want to give money to an anti-gun company.

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What is Safeway’s Gun Policy?

Safeway Anti-Gun

Safeway, a massive chain of over 1,300 grocery stores is one of the major supermarkets in the United States and because of the immense number of customers they receive and the fact that many of you likely have shopped there we wanted to take a lo at their specific policy about carrying firearms within their stores.

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What is Starbucks’ Gun Policy?

Starbucks Gun Policy

Starbucks remains a major corporation and it is highly likely that even if you disagree with their policies you may still find yourself in one some day which can cause confusion for every day carriers wondering if they are allowed inside with their guns. Well today, we are going to take a lo at Starbucks’ gun policy so you know what you legally can and can’t do inside Starbucks.

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