Industry Secrets To Buying Ammo (What Nobody Tells You)

*updated* Until March 2020, we abundantly found ammo in stores across the nation and at on retailers. Then panic struck, and ammunition became nearly impossible to find. Several retailers to advantage of the situation right away by gouging the prices. The biggest offender’s name rhymes with deeper than Burt. Ahem. Anyway. Herein lies my industry…

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Hollow Point Ammunition-The Only Choice For Self Defense

Quite often, someone asks what type of ammunition they should use for self-defense. Broadly speaking, the answer is straightforward. Use hollow point ammunition in your self-defense and home-defense guns. Hollow Point Ammunition is a Must for Self-Defense: Of course, the ammunition must be the correct caliber, and there are various brands and types of hollow…

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3 Criteria for Effective Self-Defense Ammo

P365 With SIG 365 V-Crown Ammo

The importance of purchasing good self-defense ammunition for your everyday carry (EDC) handgun, or your home defense gun, is often overloed. But what does it mean to say you should buy “good self-defense ammunition?” Your ammunition should do three things consistently. Your self-defense ammunition should: Reliably feed in your specific gun. Consistently penetrate between 12″…

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Russian Ammo Ban: Biden Punishes Russia and US Gun Owners

joe biden pistol braces atf

The Biden Administration is imposing new sanctions banning ammunition and firearms imported from Russia. It is hard to ignore the potential negative impact of this ammo ban. Here is the announcement from the U.S. State Department: Russia Ammunition Import Ban Pursuant to the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (the…

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