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Front pouch for spare magazine or other

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Design Attributes

  • Available for many snub revolvers and semi-autos. The compatibility list will continually expand as we discover which similar models also fit the available sizes.
  • The elastic ankle band is now a slightly heavier material, and we have added a Velcro-hook overlock piece for security against it coming unfastened unintentionally.
  • We use real sheepskin, not synthetic, and trim the fleece by hand to shape.
  • A vapor barrier is added behind the sheepskin fleece to reduce sweat transfer to the holster and your gun.
  • The gun pouch is made from a new custom-laminated version of the heavier elastic used on the ankle band. It is more rugged, water-resistant, and is molded and sewn to specific gun models for a proper fit (*pistols with squared trigger guards may require a slight side-to-side rocking motion to seat into the holster when new). We offer a growing variety of versions to fit many popular autos and revolvers.
  • Our version of the holster body extends below the muzzle to both conceal it and protect your ankle bone from it. This also helps prevent debris and water from getting into the muzzle.
  • Our model for semi-autos features a retention strap made of our XHD elastic webbing and it may be used in two different ways; either by a sharp pull-through draw which will force the elastic slide off of the back of most autos and release them, or by pressing with your thumb against the sewn-in ‚”pinch” and sliding it forward off of the pistol slide's rear much like using a thumb-break. This pinched area may also be grasped to pull the strap up and over the slide to secure the pistol when reholstering. Silent and extremely secure even when running, we think this new strap design works very well.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time.
  • Right-hand and left-hand models available, but stock may vary.
  • Optional Renegade Ankle Band 4″ Extension adds up to 4″ of circumference to fit over boots or around very large ankles.
  • Optional

Sizing Compatibility

Due to the ever-changing models of handguns and accessories, we have removed our model list and are asking you to enter your exact handgun and specs. We believe this is the best way for us to get you the correct size.


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