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IMPROVED! Now with better retention and smoother extraction

Double-Stack fits: Glock 17, 19, 26, 20/21, Sig P226, Beretta 92, HK VP9, and similar. *Does NOT FIT FNX/FNP magazines.

The Pistol Mag Pouch is constructed as a rugged sandwich consisting of an internal polymer stiffening layer for pressure retention, a †thin layer of closed-cell foam facing inward for molded retention to the specific contours of the magazine, and covered by a layer of robust 1000d Cordura nylon. This creates a friction-fit mag pouch allowing immediate access to the magazine without the need of a retaining strap.

Double-stack fits wide-body mags for Glock, including Glock 36, Para Ordnance, STI, Browning, Beretta, Sig, etc.

Easy-on and easy-off with our signature wraparound belt loop, but totally secure and tough as nails. The vertical model is ambidextrous and goes anywhere for either hand. The horizontal model is designed to fit behind the hip or in the small of the back butting up against a belt loop to prevent it being pulled forward. Fits up to 1-3/4″ width belts.

Fast access due to the strapless friction fit, quick-detachability and good concealability make these single pouches especially suitable for varying conditions when you may want to carry more or fewer magazines.

*You will notice that the magazine case is closed when you receive it. The case will size itself to your specific magazine when it is left in it for a few days.

**Although the same size case can be used for different size magazines, going from a large magazine to a smaller magazine in the same case will probably make it too loose for the smaller.


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