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This Vehicle Draw video runs 38 minutes and will provide you will all the skills and training you need to draw your firearm and present it to target in a vehicle. Your order includes both the physical DVD and access to stream the video online from any internet-connected device. Learn more below.

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How To Draw Your Firearm While In the Vehicle While Dealing With Steering Wheels, Bucket Seats, Windows, and Passengers Without Taking An Expensive Class Or Spending Hours On YouTube

Our company sees over 1,000 concealed carry students each year across the country in basic to advanced training. How many of those students have ever had an opportunity to take a vehicle firearm course?

Almost none.

Why? Because taking a live class on vehicle defense is expensive and hard to find. In my research, I found only 3 firearm training academies in the entire country that offer such a class and the least expensive was $1,900.

These skills matter! Outside of your home and workplace, your vehicle is where you spend the most time.

  • Americans spend 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year. That’s 7 full 40 hour work weeks…
  • In 2015 there were 14,862 murders in America, that started in a vehicle
  • In 2016 there were 115,000 murders and rapes in America, that started in a vehicle
  • And gun Road Rage is UP 250% (2014 to 2016)

Today we have a solution that isn't meant to replace an entire vehicle firearm tactics course but will provide one of the most critical skills involved in armed vehicular defense… the draw and presentation of the firearm.

Drawing a gun in your car or truck can seem complicated. Depending on your carry position you may not even know how to access the gun given the presence of the seat and the seatbelt.

Then there is still the issue of working around the steering wheel and windows all while in a tight space all without unsafely muzzling yourself or the other passengers in the car.

Recently I spent two days with my co-instructor Riley Bowman filming a comprehensive Vehicle Firearm Tactics course. From that full course, we've carved out the high-definition, edited videos that deal with the firearm draw and target presentation within a vehicle and created a “mini-course.”

Here is a teaser video that shows various aspects of the course and touches on the draw section

Here are questions that will be addressed by this Vehicle Draw Mini-Course:

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Vehicle Mounted holsters?
  • How to access a firearm from different carry positions given the environmental constraints?
  • What are the important considerations for left-handed carriers
  • How to work around the seat-belt?
  • Is there a preferred carry position when seated in the car?
  • How do you draw without “flagging” yourself or others in the draw stroke?
  • What is the best practice when you are shooting behind you or in a direction where the glass is in the way?
  • How do you prep your gun for situations where you don't know if you will need to fire?
  • How do you distract your attacker and draw your firearm without telegraphing your movements?
  • How to deal with a passenger that is a threat?

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10 reviews for Vehicle Draw DVD & Streaming Video Training

  1. Brian Tillotson (verified owner)

    Great video easy to understand and I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can practice with my Glock e-trainer.

  2. Meg (verified owner)

    Great information about defense from/in a vehicle! Everyone who carries should watch this! Understanding the variables of shooting through glass from inside your vehicle is very important.

  3. Jim W (verified owner)

    I have a REAL problem with the appendix carry. While seated, the trainer is muzzling a very IMPORTANT part of his body. I know, the weapon’s safety is on; however, it is a purely mechanical device that can fail. With the appendix carry, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Jim Appendix carry isn’t for everyone but at no point during the filming of this video was any human part muzzled. Perhaps that isn’t as clear as it ought to be from the camera angle but I am 100% positive that it never happened.

  4. Ronald Folger (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this video very much. While appendix carry is not for everyone it showed me the best way for me to carry and engage targets from inside my vehicle.

  5. Daryl Salley (verified owner)

    Thank you Riley, and Jacob,
    This is one of the most useful training videos I’ve seen in some time. I have a large collection of this type of video and I must say it is one of the most professional in my collection. I’ve been carrying concealed for almost twenty years and spend a lot of time doing dry fire practice. I must admit that I’ve neglected automobile draw dry fire. Since all of us spend so much time in our car, this seems strange that we neglect this type of practice. It made me go directly to my truck and try these positions out. Keep up the good work.

  6. Troy Turner, Jr. (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this video!!! Great information

  7. Matthew Buhr (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the presentation and the situations that may come up while in a vehicle. I agree that the appendix position is the easiest to draw from but I find it the most uncomfortable position for me on long drives. The angle of projection of the bullet through the windshield was interesting and informative.
    I have watched this video a couple of times and with that I pick out something different each time. If the threat is in the vehicle I see it is best to exit if that becomes an option.

  8. Bob Miller (verified owner)

    Good video . Don’t like appendix carry , but great to see what might be . Prefer to move coat shirt so ggrip is clear for me to grasp but not showing to anyone . Like to see what you can do on such a line

  9. Mike West (verified owner)

    Great video! It covers several scenarios that are very possible in today’s way of life. Carjackings happen quite often and when they do you must be prepared to know what to expect. It is videos like this one that make you wiser and will help you survive.

  10. Jack (verified owner)

    Very good information that many of us have never considered. Carrying IWB kidney or hip would further restrict the draw and place one in further jeopardy with all the shenanigans to get to the weapon.

    A thought to consider–if a person threatens from the rear seat, passenger side shoot left handed , under right arm through the console opening or through the edge of the driver’s seat. Threats from drivers rear, shoot right handed under left arm through the back of the driver’s seat. Yes some deflection might occur in either case, but when your life is at stake, all bets are off. Maneuvering to get dominant eye on perp only puts you in more danger and probably ensures your demise. Remember you are still fighting the seat belt.

    All in all an excellent wake-up call. Thanks.


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