Top Access Single Handgun Portable Digital Safe

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Sports Afield

Take a look at this digital quick access safe, it gives you the ability and confidence to retrieve your firearm at a lightning quick speed to ensure you have the most time possible to respond to any situation. Watch the product video for more details!

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This wonderful product from Sports Afield is disrupting the gun safe industry. The quality of materials and construction along with the industry's best guarantee and lowest cost is causing a lot of gun owners to reconsider their purchasing decisions.

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SA Top Access Single Handgun Safe

GunVault MicroVault Standard

MSRP $99.99 $174.99
Mountable: check-mark check-mark
Foam Liner: check-mark check-mark
Spring Loaded Door: check-mark check-mark
Low Battery Warning: check-mark check-mark
Tamper Indicator: check-mark check-mark
Key Override: check-mark check-mark
Mute Button: check-mark check-mark
Interior Light: check-mark red-icon
Illuminated Buttons: check-mark red-icon
California DOJ Approved: check-mark check-mark
Comes with Bolt Down Kit: check-mark check-mark
Steel: 20 Gauge 20 Gauge
Battery Type: 1 x 9-Volt (not-included) 1 x 9-Volt (not-included)

*California-approved firearm safety device that meets the requirements of penal code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder


Description Top Access Single Handgun
Outer Dimensions (HxWxD) 2.85 x 8.65 x 11
External Capacity 0.16 CFT
Handgun Capacity 1
Color Black
Interior Surface Protection Full Foam
Electronic Lock & Keypad Yes
Keypad Illumination Red
Interior Illumination Red
Low Battery Warning LED & Audio
Tamper Indicator Yes
Mute Button Yes
Key Access/# of Keys  Yes/2
Bolt Down Kit Yes
Wall/Desk Mounting Kit No
Battery Size/Quantity  9V/1
MSRP  $149.99

2 reviews for Top Access Single Handgun Portable Digital Safe

  1. G.SMITH (verified owner)

    I wanted some kind of safe for the hand guns I keep in the bedroom. You hear too many incidents of children getting hold of one and a tragedy results. i have been around guns all my life even from a very young age. I grew up loving the outdoors camping and hunting. Gun safety was drilled into me by my father who was blinded in one eye by a BB gun as a kid. I guess they used to play army with BB guns when he was a kid. Needless to say he wanted us boys to have more respect for guns. We were never allowed to own or play with BB guns. I was six years old when he gave me my first 22 rifle. Wow that was a big deal and I was required to demonstrate gun safety to him. Not long after I was carrying an unloaded rifle in the woods with him. At around ten years old I was hunting with my dad for real. I would not dream of doing anything that would cost me my privilege of using a firearm. It is a rare kid who is brought up that way today. I have two boys (god sons) who come and shoot air rifles at my place. I am pretty sure they would not touch my pistols but I just want to remove any temptations. 33 years as a law enforcement officer and I saw my share of tragedies. That will not happen in my house but having these safes allows me ready access to defend my home.

  2. Peter Diaz (verified owner)

    I love the simplicity of this safe I bought this for car, we drive through states that are not friendly to 2nd amendment. we found a way to attach this to our car hidden and feel safe about our weapons.. Great product especially for the price..thank you USSCA.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Thanks Peter! I feel obligated to clarify that we are not the USCCA. Similar websites so the confusion is understandable!

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