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RX-ABLE Adapter for SSP Eyewear Methow Kit

A long-awaited solution for people who wear glasses and need safety glasses. Introducing the new RX-Able Adapter for the Methow Kit available only from SSP Eyewear.

  • Translucent tough TR-90 RX-able adapter prevents blind spots
  • Standard prescription size frame 1-15/16″ wide 1-1/8″ high
  • Recommended  prescription -3.50 up to +2.00
  • If Bifocals or Top Focals are required we recommend line bifocals about 1/8 tall.
  • For best peripheral vision progressive bifocals are not recommended
  • Plastic or glass lenses are preferred over polycarbonate for clarity
  • Don't have an optometrist that understands what you need please call our office we can refer someone to you.
  • The RX adapter easily clips on the inside of the glass on top of the nose piece.

Just take an adapter to your optometrist and have your prescription installed.  Your prescription insert is always protected from flying debris by the Methow lenses to ensure many years of trouble-free use.

Note: The image is showing an adapter in the frame. Frame for Methow Kit is sold separately.

Always take time to adjust the nose bridge for optimal viewing.  This is critical to match the glasses and insert to your particular nose and face shape.  Your pupils should be centered in the insert when in the shooting position. Break more clays today!!


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