Legal Boundaries By State: The Travel Guide For American Gun Owners

(105 customer reviews)


Looking for a comprehensive guide to gun laws in the US? Look no further. This simple to navigate book has everything you need to legally navigate the country with your firearms. More details below.

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“Almost daily, gun owners throughout the country write us and ask about the gun laws of their states. Your guide has provided an indispensable resource for answering their questions.”

— Michael Hammond, Legislative Counsel, Gun Owners of America


Book Features:

A simple summary for each state and DC which includes:

  • Open Carry Laws
  • If the state has a Duty to Notify Law Enforcement
  • Laws relating to State and National Parks
  • Laws relating to the carry in establishments that serve alcohol
  • Laws relating to the possession of firearms at K-12 schools & Colleges
  • State magazine capacity limitations if any
  • State laws that limit lawful possession and use of suppressors if any
  • How one can legally possess a firearm in the vehicle in a state where the gun owner has no recognized permit(s)
  • State firearm law uniformity and preemption laws
  • What department or agency in the state issues concealed carry permits
  • If the state issues concealed carry permits to non-residents
  • Current permit reciprocity

“As an Attorney who has built a practice around Self-Defense law; I often have to remind clients that gun law, generally speaking is nothing like self-defense law. Unlike self-defense law, gun law varies enormously from state to state and while many gun owners will never be involved in a lethal self-defense incident; most are impacted daily by gun laws. The Legal Boundaries by State book is an impressive reference guide for relevant gun laws for today's traveling gun owner. It is well organized and easy to understand. Further, customers get ongoing no-cost access to the most updated version of the eBook which is a significant value. Don't leave home without it!”

— Andrew Branca, Attorney & Author, Law of Self Defense

[hr]Plus a state summary by legal topic. At a glance see the laws for all 50 states plus DC for one given legal topic.

We have also included over 30 pages of information to inform and clarify specific laws and concerns relating to traveling with a firearm including:

  • Best practices and laws relating to staying in HOTELS
  • AIR TRAVEL and how to properly check a firearm, firearm parts, or ammunition on your next flight
  • How to understand and apply FOPA 926A to be able to transport firearms through any state regardless of local laws
  • How to research and understand the laws that regulate carry of a firearm inside a National Park, Monument, or Memorial

BONUS: If you purchase the eBook (or the combo of the physical and eBook) you will have PERMANENT access to all future versions and updates to the book. Every time we update it, just login to your account and download the latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Sources Do You Use For the Book?

A: Sources include industry-standard publications and websites, statements and opinions issued by Attorney Generals or State Police, statute, and case law. ALL INFORMATION is confirmed by a minimum of two credible sources.

Q: How Often Is the Book Updated?

A: We update the book a minimum of twice a year and sometimes more often depending on the number of law changes and their severity.

Q: How Do I Know What Version of the Book I Have?

A: On the bottom left of page 1 of your book it will reflect the month and year of the update you have in hand. If it is more than 6 months ago you probably have an outdated copy of the book but you can always contact us to confirm what version is currently in production and shipping.

Q: Is There A Changelog or List of Changes Since the Last Version?

A: We do not publish a changelog for the book.

Q: Can You Clarify How Customers Can Get Permanent FREE Access to New Versions Of The Book?

A: If you purchase or have every purchased the eBook (including if you have purchased the combo eBook with Physical Book) you are entitled to permenent access to the most updated copy of the eBook. To access it, login to your user account at and click on “My Downloads.” You can also find the download link in your original email receipt.

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105 reviews for Legal Boundaries By State: The Travel Guide For American Gun Owners

  1. Shaina (verified owner)

    Anybody that travels and carries needs this! Definitely comes in handy and laws are always changing so make sure you get updated on the new state laws. Better safe than sorry. Get the book and stay informed!

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    This review is really about the service provided by Concealed carry. I initially was unable to download the book. However, Sam very expidiciously took action to make sure there was a link that I could use.

    Though the book is handy, the Customer Service was exemplary. In Naval Parlance, Bravo Zulu. Other sites should get on board.

  3. rednecks2509 (verified owner)

    If you leave your home state at all, you really need this book !!

  4. Ken (verified owner)

    Dont leave home without it. Good quick reference

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    It has some good information, but is too general. It does not provide nearly the detail of and other sources.

  6. Bill (verified owner)

    Dont leave home without it.

  7. James Eichelberger (verified owner)

    I had absolutely no problems with this purchase! I understood it was an ebook and it came thru right away! Love this!

  8. John Crater (verified owner)

    concise, easy to understand, good format, large print, good info., and an affordable price. What’s not to like?

  9. ALLAN CIMINO (verified owner)

    Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Good purchase.

  10. Andy (verified owner)

    If you carry, and travel across state lines, you need this. The best way to know the law in all US states regarding permits to carry concealed.

  11. James Stevens (verified owner)

    In my opinion this book is a must have for anyone who concealed caries even if you don’t travel much. There is a lot of useful information, more than I expected. The information you get on your own state is well worth the purchase.

  12. James Russ (verified owner)

    Solid information, great format, very handy.

  13. Rob

    I’m a computer guy and like to use my computer or smartphone to look up information but the one thing I really like in this book is the ability to find the information on a single state but also being able to see all the states in a table. That’s really handy and something no one does on their website. Plus if I don’t have wifi access I have a book to look through which you really get an appreciation of the various gun laws across the US when you can read and see them in a book.

  14. Nathan Buford (verified owner)

    This is a greatly informative little read, some of the info needs updating. This book lists no restrictions for concealed carry in houses of worship in Mississippi & there definitely are some restrictions.

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Nathan thank you for your review and comment. I did all the research on churches myself and it looks like I missed this. In MS there is clearly a restriction against carrying in a church or place of worship. I think one of the reasons this got crossed on our end is because of AG Op. Cantrell (Oct 2013) where effectively the Attorney General said that private landowners can allow or disallow anyone from carrying on their property. That said we generally error on the side of caution so we will update the book accordingly in the next edition.

  15. Terry Dawson (verified owner)

    I was disappointed about how little info was provided for California. Unfortunately I live there and know that much more could have been said.

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Terry thank you for your review. Our intent is to provide a simple and easy to reference summary on each state which should provide a traveler with the info they need to be legally compliant. If you feel there is something within that arena that we failed to include would you consider taking the time to email us with that information so we can consider it for a future release?

  16. William White (verified owner)

    I bought the E version and love it. I do volunteer disaster relief work and may head to one state and depending on what the storm does the destination may be changed to a different state. I may also be sent to a different state when headed home. Having the E book on my phone I can easily check the laws before I enter the state.

  17. .357 mag (verified owner)

    I haven’t yet noticed anywhere in Legal Boundaries By State any indication about where my out of state permits allow me to carry. I have out of state permits from Florida and Nevada. At the top of the page for each state I see a list of state permits that are honored, but that information might mean that only resident permits from those states are honored. I can’t determine whether my out of state permits are honored there, so Legal Boundaries By State leaves me uninformed in that regard..

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      When a state ONLY honors resident permits that is specified in that state’s summary.

  18. Virgil Lambert (verified owner)

    Good resource for traveling & great general info.

    1) Does not address if you can confirm whether you can travel / carry with round chambered?

    2) Does not specify type of rounds per state?

    Hollow point or jacketed ???

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Great feedback Virgil!

  19. John (verified owner)

    Good info…I like the contact info for each state.

  20. John (verified owner)

    Good info…I like the contact info for each state.

  21. Guy Pike (verified owner)

    i loved the hardcover book. looked over it thoroughly. had much valuable info. checked out the five states I frequently travel through. learned a few things I didn’t know. good job. thanks.

  22. terryhall (verified owner)

    Great info and easy to find.

  23. Dennis Pochel (verified owner)

    It has become a permanent item in my dope bag. Provides peace of mind for travel between states.

  24. Robert Thomson (verified owner)

    Good except some states have 2 types of permits, basic that is limited reciprocity and enhanced which covers more. Only the basic map is shown and states listed, the enhanced also needs to be shown, Idaho as an example.

  25. Tom Bender (verified owner)

    I haven’t read it all yet, but it seems like it is a fantastic resource to carry in the car. So very much worth it

  26. Brian Andrews (verified owner)

    Would have rated no stars but that wasn’t an option.


    I purchased this ebook yesterday and had no instructions on how to obtain the product. Didn’t know if I was to download it from somewhere or was it to be sent to me in an email. Either way, they took my money and I have no ebook. I’ve emailed twice and have heard nothing. EXTREMELY DISAPOINTED!!

    Oh… Sorry. I did get an email from the president of the company pitching another product “you can’t go without”.

    I will not be recommending anything from

    The BBB will be notified.

    • Joshua Gillem

      Hey Brian, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you’re not happy with your purchase.

      We looked up your order and saw that you placed it on Friday, and emailed us Friday and Saturday. We generally don’t work weekends, but I checked into it and found that we did respond to your email.

      Also, just so you know the download link is on the thank you page and is also sent via email. We respond to all inquiries as fast as we can and we also have a 60 day no questions asked guarantee. If you would prefer a refund, we will provide one.

      Thank you,


  27. Greg Sauchuk (verified owner)

    Great book,love it..

  28. Michael (verified owner)

    I downloaded it first and then I bought the book every gun owner should have it

  29. B. Watson

    Great information. Still digesting it, but it looks like the information I was looking for. Thank you.

  30. John Hunt (verified owner)

    Very helpful especially if planning a multi-state trip. I won’t leave without it.

  31. Dana Amann (verified owner)

    This is a must have for everyone. All the information you need right at your fingertips. Hopefully some day soon, the country will make it legal for all of the states to have a universal recepetory license, until then, you need to have this information to save your bacon.
    Thank you for taking the time in putting all of this valuable information together for us all.

  32. Thomas Benson (verified owner)

    So far I really like the way the book is played out. Easy to navigate on my tablet.

  33. parrishkevin (verified owner)

    Great product. Got the eBook and the physical book. Had some issues with the download link, but Sam was very helpful and persistent until he had me up and running. Lots of good information. Will be great for our travels this summer.

  34. Frances Polmateer (verified owner)

    This book has a lot of information in it. Good to take on a long trip. We bought 2 of them 1 for the house and 1 for the car. We found the book very informative.

  35. Gilbert Peel (verified owner)

    This is a great book. Its format makes for very quick reference for any state.

  36. Karla Husby (verified owner)

    What a wonderful, informative book. So glad we purchased it. This answers a lot of questions about different states and their carry guidelines. It, to us, is a must have for traveling and for home state updates also. The e-book is a great way to take along on our lap top when traveling, especially for any new updates to laws. Both are a must have. Thank you for making these available to us. We like to stay with-in the law, but still be protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

  37. Tasa Johnson (verified owner)

    I am a Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Instructor. I will definitely be using this book in my classes as a reference source. Quick and easy to compare states, especially the summary pages in the back of the book.

  38. Jim K

    I have perused the ebook and it seems very handy, but that is not why I am writing. I was unable to move it to my phone and presumed that there was some problem with the product (sorry). Jacob sent me another link and said try this one. Turns out I knew less about smartphones that I did about gun laws. Both have been rectified. It works just fine, now. Thanks. This reference would have been useful last year when I carried in Maryland to attend a family gathering. That could have turned out badly.

  39. GARY BRYANT (verified owner)

    I found the information useful, as I travel a lot. Would have scored it higher, had a chapter on LEOSA been included.

  40. Larry Blose (verified owner)

    Very helpful when traveling

  41. George Palmer (verified owner)

    A comprehensive statement of not only gun laws but also well explained descriptions of the potential pitfalls of traveling with weapons. Great!

  42. Fred Bates (verified owner)

    Good information and logically presented. Disregard the reviews saying “you can find this info online using a search engine.” While that is absolutely true, this provides a concatenated summary in one location — one stop shopping if you will, and is therefore a good purchase. I’d buy it again.

  43. Mike (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the product and the order process

  44. Mark (verified owner)

    If visiting, traveling through, or otherwise going anywhere other than your state of residence this is great. Especially if kept updated. Can even take it with you to possibly help with your defense if legal problems arise – sorry officer/deputy/trooper, your honor, this is what I was using as a reference it apparently needs to be updated.

  45. John Richards (verified owner)

    Informative; easy access and a wealth of information! I have both a hard copy and e-book copy. This allows me to access the material from any resource. Keep up the excellent service you provide your customers.

  46. Jason McG (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 physical copies and the ebook for updates. There is a lot of information in this book. Its has answered many questions I’ve had about different states. Well worth the money.

  47. Joe (verified owner)

    Great resource and good layout. There are a couple of typos and misspellings but nothing that makes it unreadable by any means. I would definitely recommend if you travel from state to state often or if you plan to travel. It’s still a great tool to have just for sake of increasing knowledge.

  48. Diamond D Defense (verified owner)

    I will be using this in my concealed carry classes. I cannot stress enough the importance of knnowing the laws when you cross state lines. There is example after example of people going to jail for a minor screwup and not knowing the laws. What is the old saying; ignorance of the law is no excuse. It’s an old saying because i’s true.

  49. Jerry Healy (verified owner)

    This is a great book to own, very informative and a great price. Worth every penny.!

  50. Stuart (verified owner)

    The ebook is great. You can have it with you on your phone anywhere you go.

  51. Robert Balliet (verified owner)

    Both printed and digital books are exactly what I was looking for. I’m traveling to Pa. shortly and this has the info I was looking for.

  52. Erven Priest (verified owner)

    This book should be read by all who owns a firearm. It can save you a lot of headaches by knowing the various laws on firearms in different states.

  53. David Fulks (verified owner)

    I was a little disappointed with this purchase. It took a long time to ship (10 days) repotedly due to Covid19 with no communication in status. They did respond quickly when I contacted them for status. The USPS shipping was the slowest I have experienced on any product including orders during Covid19. There was no tracking link provided so I had to go to and type in the long tracking number every time I inquired on the status. The hardcopy book printing was not very good; especially the maps. I expected something better than a PDF file for the ebook. Overall not a great purchase experience.

  54. Rick (verified owner)

    This will come in very handy. Good info to have when traveling. Not worth taking a chance because it is our job to know the laws.

  55. Carl (verified owner)

    This an excellent book for anyone who travels. You can carry the book or use the digital. Excellent price for excellent publication. Highly recommended !!!

  56. Sara

    The information provided is helpful. I especially like the end of the book where it talks about reciprocity and concealed carry permits

  57. Douglas Cruickshank (verified owner)

    This is a must have for anyone who travels with a firearm. If you see that your state honor another state you still need to check that state for their laws. This is book very good to have with you it is a great price and fast service,

  58. Jake

    They should double check their information.

    On the Wisconsin page, in the section “HONORS PERMITS FROM THESE STATES/DISTRICTS/TERRITORIES” – Ohio is NOT listed.

    On the Ohio page, on the map showing “OHIO RESIDENT PERMIT RECIPROCITY” It shows Wisconsin IS Honored.

    Which is TRUE???? You can tell they got in a hurry. What other information is wrong or rushed through????

    Be careful what you believe in this book.

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Jake, thank you for pointing this out. Wisconsin is a complex state. They honor Ohio permits that were renewed or issued after March 23rd, 2015, which as of March 23rd, 2020 would include ALL OH permits. Regardless that wasn’t consistent in the book and you are right to call us out on that. It will be revised in the next book revision. This book is in its 4th revision (soon to be a 5th) and of the 100,000+ copies sold of the 4th revision, you are the first to identify any mistake or inconsistency. We take great pride in putting out an accurate and quality product and we appreciate your feedback.

  59. Lisa H (verified owner)

    There is NOTHING important that is left out! I travel thru 3 other states to visit my daughter’s family. I have spent, literally, HOURS searching the internet for the information that is so neatly packaged and EASY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND in this one book. Its amazing! Its worth the minimal $$$ you pay for it!!! And yes, in extreme situations, could save your life or keep you out of jail!!!
    It even answers questions I forgot to ask….ex: Do I need to inform police officer that I am carrying concealed……do you know your state’s requirement??? Do you??? I
    I am truly THANKFUL that I ordered this book!!! Youvwill be too!!!

  60. Bob2125 (verified owner)

    Great information if you plan on traveling with a gun.If you don’t have this yet it’s worth every penny , you won’t be disappointed

  61. Troy Michaels (verified owner)

    Great information! I ordered the physical book and the ebook…you gotta have the ebook. I can’t remember how I found this website but I’m so glad I did.

  62. Jennifer Morgan (verified owner)

    This book has some good information in it. It’s definitely a book to have in your gun reference collection & in your car

  63. Felix Zubiate (verified owner)

    I’m new to concealed carry, so this book is great just what I was looking for. Lot of great information and lots I didn’t know about other states.

  64. William (verified owner)

    I have been a member of the USCCA since 2011. It has provided me with the comfort of knowing I have legal protection should I need it. However, this book and the guidance and advice it provides, particularly on reciprocity, lets me know exactly what I need to do depending on where I am traveling. To me, it gives much better guidance for concealed carry than does the USCCA. Great item to have with you all the time.

  65. Kim Williams (verified owner)

    Not sure about this book since I haven’t received the physical book nor any update 9 days after I placed the order.

  66. Jerome (verified owner)

    Everything was as advertised and very informative. I travel thru several different states and this give me what I need to know to travel and carry with confidence.

  67. Keith Wright (verified owner)

    This book is a must for anyone who travels. I have used the information several times to help others understand the problems that can occur when traveling with, a weapon from state to state.
    I keep the digital format on my phone.

  68. Keith Wright (verified owner)

    I carry a downloaded copy in my motorhome. I travel quite a bit, it is a invaluable tool to keep me out of trouble from state to state. I check each state we enter for laws and requirements.

  69. Sandra Carter (verified owner)

    Handy resource and great information. I got the hard copy as well as the digital with lifetime updates. The phone app is great to have while traveling.

  70. Ronald Baker (verified owner)

    Great knowledge recommend.

  71. FilthyFn Red (verified owner)

    Great information! Is exactly what it says it is.

  72. Michael Thompson (verified owner)

    Great book for travellers that carry. I gave one as a gift to my son, who works in 5 Western states. I got one for me, so that if this Covid-19 crap ever ends I can travel again.

  73. Timberwolf (verified owner)

    Very informative easy reference.

  74. Corey L Richards (verified owner)

    I got this because I travel so it’s been helpful

  75. Reggie (verified owner)

    Very useful info for when you travel.

  76. Steve (verified owner)

    Great products! Shared important info with family traveling from Texas through several states and it was very clear what we had to do to keep them legal for their trip. Keep up the good work!

  77. Josh Owsley (verified owner)

    I thought the ebook was laid out incredibly well. No searching, the information was right at your finger tips. The hard copy is nice to take with you whenever you travel or don’t have ready access to the internet. Very happy I purchased both, especially since the ebook will be updated continuously.

  78. Alice (verified owner)

    Purchased this as we travel in our motor home through many states! It will be used a lot!

  79. Robert Fately (verified owner)

    I too purchased both the hard copy and ebook and am glad I did. As has been said numerous times, the information is laid out very logically, making it a most useful reference for these confusing itmes.

  80. Larry Shafer (verified owner)

    Contains a lot of useful information, but there are several areas that require an data update and correction of typos. Very helpful information for planned road trips.

  81. Gary Campbell (verified owner)

    This book is everything they said it would be and more. It is everything that I hoped it would be and more. As a firearms instructor, I teach concealed carry classes and self defense law in several states. I will recommend this book to all students. The online book is a great idea. A big “HOOAH” to everyone involved in the making of this product.

  82. Byron Baker (verified owner)

    Best information I’ve seen on traveling from State to State Reciprocity and alot more. love it!

  83. Jeffrey Longstaff (verified owner)

    Absolutely indispensable! We take it with us when we travel, make copies for each state we travel to for LE. Never been stopped but local LEO s we know really like it. Our son lives in Illinois, a real pain. The info on 926A is especially useful, will be buying a care gun safe soon, before we go to Illinois. Will have to determine staying with our son for two nights still falls under “travel” Our daughter lives in NC, no problem. We usually travel south in the colder months so we definitely need this book.

  84. d3varms (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for my dad when he was making plans to travel the country in his RV during retirement. He found it to be a great resource.

  85. A. Citizen (verified owner)

    This book will definitely be my companion when traveling from now on. I can see how it could potentially save me untold issues with overzealous LE. It would be a benefit to any patriot who travels while exercising their 2A rights. I got the print copy and digital DL. I hope the updates continue for the digital version as promised.

  86. Fred Meeder retired Chief Deputy (verified owner)

    I understand Iowa Gov. signed Constitutional Carry law that will go into event later. Got my book before the law was signed. The book gives go insight into carry laws.

  87. Paul Ritter (verified owner)

    I am pleased to finally get my copy and although I have not read through it cover to cover, I did read all the info provided that is pertinent to me, thanks for it all

  88. Brandon Romo (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful, really takes the guessing out of most grey areas of the law. Have already told my friends you can’t spend the money on anything better than this book!

  89. ROGER N MOORE (verified owner)


  90. David Rowland (verified owner)

    Just got my copy and it is everything and more it is advertised to be. I was particularly interested in flying commercial with a firearm it was covered extremely well. I’m in South Carolina and although I am pretty knowledgeable about my states gun laws, it is nice to be able to all the regulations on 1 page. A heads up for you folks at Concealed Carry, SC just approved open carry that will come into effect next month (August 2021).

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Thank you David.

  91. Carl Buss (verified owner)

    I have used ” Travelers Guide to Firearms Laws of the Fifty States” for several years now but ” Legal Boundaries by State blows them away. Specifically like the Reciprocity map on each state page, also page layout for each individual topic. Several pages in the back of the book cover Air Travel to Suppressor’s. This book is well worth the money.One thing that I would like to see added is a larger US map in the front of the book that you could color with highlighters in each state were your permits ( I have 3, (Indiana, home state) Utah and Virginia non resident states) are good.

  92. Ronald Patton (verified owner)

    This is a must have if you travel with your carry gun. Laws vary state to state so be informed what they are or you may end up in a situation that could have been avoided. I have both the book and the digital copy for on the go.

  93. Guy McDonald (verified owner)

    Great information if Concealed Carrying.

  94. David Shultz (verified owner)

    Well worth the price. Really appreciated the info on Air Travel with a firearm and Article 926A of the Firearm Owner Protection Act (FOPA). This (Article 926A content) is a must read if you travel from state-to-state with a firearm in your possession. Also, the information on how to store a firearm in your car when you’re not present (not in the glove box or console) is VERY GOOD READING!!! Went out and bought myself a secure Lock Box for my car. This was my Christmas present to myself. For $37.00 and change, this could easily save me thousands in legal fees and jail time.

  95. B Langley (verified owner)

    Good products and ..
    Unlike some other sites I order from.

  96. Dave Boothe (verified owner)

    This is a good reference for all CC gun owners whether traveling or not. One often forgets that you might inadvertently cross a state line at any moment, especially when you live close to neighboring states like I do in NW Ohio. It is also an easy read, however, it is just an overview and may not disclose every nuance of CC in a specific state. An example is where one is required to report to local law enforcement when CC in a state for an extended period of time or that brandishing or showing you have a weapon is considered an assault violation. It is important to know some of these unknown facts. Regardless of these points I would recommend every CC individual get this.

  97. Peter Valdez (verified owner)

    Just got the book, did a quick skim of a couple of states. Very interesting looking forward to doing some reading.

  98. earl bowen (verified owner)

    very goodinformatice info. could have more detail.

  99. Douglas Echternacht (verified owner)

    I live in Alaska and am moving to TN, I ordered this book so that I become familiar with laws both in TN and when I travel to other states. I am a firm believer in gun rights and I want to make sure I carry properly and legally.

  100. James a Rosser (verified owner)

    Seems to be a great book and informative Glad I ordered.

  101. Philip Ryan (verified owner)

    I already have the 2019 book and wanted the revised version for my truck. It is very informative with the information I need when I go from TN to MI once in a didn’t take long to receive the book. Ordered on 6/12 and received it 6/13

  102. Doug Ryland (verified owner)

    Great resource for travel as well as to keep up with your state’s current laws. My go to reference. Summary o by state and more detailed specifics all in one resource. If you had to research all the info in this publication before traveling or just refreshing you knowledge of your local laws you would spend countless hours.

  103. Steve Perkins (verified owner)

    2022 Edition
    What a great resource. No searching to all the important, comprehensive information one must know when crossing state boundaries. And the states that are not worth going to!

  104. Dan (verified owner)

    Great book! Easy to follow guide to gun laws in all 50 states. Worth every penny.

  105. DCRoy (verified owner)

    This is an absolute must have book for anyone that conceal carries. The app is an awesome added touch. Worth it.

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