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Legal Boundaries By State: The Travel Guide For American Gun Owners

(16 customer reviews)


Looking for a comprehensive guide to gun laws in the US? Look no further. This simple to navigate book has everything you need to legally navigate the country with your firearms. More details below.


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Book Features:

A simple summary for each state and DC which includes:

  • Open Carry Laws
  • If the state has a Duty to Notify Law Enforcement
  • Laws relating to State and National Parks
  • Laws relating to the carry in establishments that serve alcohol
  • Laws relating to the possession of firearms at K-12 schools & Colleges
  • State magazine capacity limitations if any
  • State laws that limit lawful possession and use of suppressors if any
  • How one can legally possess a firearm in the vehicle in a state where the gun owner has no recognized permit(s)
  • State firearm law uniformity and preemption laws
  • What department or agency in the state issues concealed carry permits
  • If the state issues concealed carry permits to non-residents
  • Current permit reciprocity

Plus a state summary by legal topic. At a glance see the laws for all 50 states plus DC for one given legal topic.

We have also included over 30 pages of information to inform and clarify specific laws and concerns relating to traveling with a firearm including:

  • Best practices and laws relating to staying in HOTELS
  • AIR TRAVEL and how to properly check a firearm, firearm parts, or ammunition on your next flight
  • How to understand and apply FOPA 926A to be able to transport firearms through any state regardless of local laws
  • How to research and understand the laws that regulate carry of a firearm inside a National Park, Monument, or Memorial

BONUS: If you purchase the eBook (or the combo of the physical and eBook) you will have PERMANENT access to all future versions and updates to the book. Every time we update it, just login to your account and download the latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Sources Do You Use For the Book?

A: Sources include industry-standard publications and websites, statements and opinions issued by Attorney Generals or State Police, statute, and case law. ALL INFORMATION is confirmed by a minimum of two credible sources.

Q: How Often Is the Book Updated?

A: We update the book a minimum of twice a year and sometimes more often depending on the number of law changes and their severity.

Q: How Do I Know What Version of the Book I Have?

A: On the bottom left of page 1 of your book it will reflect the month and year of the update you have in hand. If it is more than 6 months ago you probably have an outdated copy of the book but you can always contact us to confirm what version is currently in production and shipping.

Q: Is There A Changelog or List of Changes Since the Last Version?

A: We do not publish a changelog for the book.

Q: Can You Clarify How Customers Can Get Permanent FREE Access to New Versions Of The Book?

A: If you purchase or have every purchased the eBook (including if you have purchased the combo eBook with Physical Book) you are entitled to permenent access to the most updated copy of the eBook. To access it, login to your user account at and click on “My Downloads.” You can also find the download link in your original email receipt.

16 reviews for Legal Boundaries By State: The Travel Guide For American Gun Owners

  1. Shaina (verified owner)

    Anybody that travels and carries needs this! Definitely comes in handy and laws are always changing so make sure you get updated on the new state laws. Better safe than sorry. Get the book and stay informed!

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    This review is really about the service provided by Concealed carry. I initially was unable to download the book. However, Sam very expidiciously took action to make sure there was a link that I could use.

    Though the book is handy, the Customer Service was exemplary. In Naval Parlance, Bravo Zulu. Other sites should get on board.

  3. rednecks2509 (verified owner)

    If you leave your home state at all, you really need this book !!

  4. Ken (verified owner)

    Dont leave home without it. Good quick reference

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    It has some good information, but is too general. It does not provide nearly the detail of and other sources.

  6. Bill (verified owner)

    Dont leave home without it.

  7. James Eichelberger (verified owner)

    I had absolutely no problems with this purchase! I understood it was an ebook and it came thru right away! Love this!

  8. John Crater (verified owner)

    concise, easy to understand, good format, large print, good info., and an affordable price. What’s not to like?

  9. ALLAN CIMINO (verified owner)

    Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Good purchase.

  10. Andy (verified owner)

    If you carry, and travel across state lines, you need this. The best way to know the law in all US states regarding permits to carry concealed.

  11. James Stevens (verified owner)

    In my opinion this book is a must have for anyone who concealed caries even if you don’t travel much. There is a lot of useful information, more than I expected. The information you get on your own state is well worth the purchase.

  12. James Russ (verified owner)

    Solid information, great format, very handy.

  13. Rob

    I’m a computer guy and like to use my computer or smartphone to look up information but the one thing I really like in this book is the ability to find the information on a single state but also being able to see all the states in a table. That’s really handy and something no one does on their website. Plus if I don’t have wifi access I have a book to look through which you really get an appreciation of the various gun laws across the US when you can read and see them in a book.

  14. Nathan Buford (verified owner)

    This is a greatly informative little read, some of the info needs updating. This book lists no restrictions for concealed carry in houses of worship in Mississippi & there definitely are some restrictions.

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Nathan thank you for your review and comment. I did all the research on churches myself and it looks like I missed this. In MS there is clearly a restriction against carrying in a church or place of worship. I think one of the reasons this got crossed on our end is because of AG Op. Cantrell (Oct 2013) where effectively the Attorney General said that private landowners can allow or disallow anyone from carrying on their property. That said we generally error on the side of caution so we will update the book accordingly in the next edition.

  15. Terry Dawson (verified owner)

    I was disappointed about how little info was provided for California. Unfortunately I live there and know that much more could have been said.

    • Jacob Paulsen (verified owner)

      Terry thank you for your review. Our intent is to provide a simple and easy to reference summary on each state which should provide a traveler with the info they need to be legally compliant. If you feel there is something within that arena that we failed to include would you consider taking the time to email us with that information so we can consider it for a future release?

  16. William White (verified owner)

    I bought the E version and love it. I do volunteer disaster relief work and may head to one state and depending on what the storm does the destination may be changed to a different state. I may also be sent to a different state when headed home. Having the E book on my phone I can easily check the laws before I enter the state.

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