PIQ, Shooting Fundamentals, and PIQ Target Bundle



Pistol Intelligence Online Course

This is the all-virtual Pistol Intelligence (PIQ) course from Riley Bowman and ConcealedCarry.com.

CCI Pistol Intelligence Target - 100 Pack

The CCI-PIQ Target is an innovative approach to the multi-use target concept with multiple target zones that allow for but are not limited to: draw practice, Bill Drills, transition drills, throttle control drills, traditional bullseye shooting, and even popular drills like the F.A.S.Test, Handgun Combatives 2x2x2 standard, the Jack Wilson Test, El Presidente, and more.

There are also target areas appropriate for anything that requires a USPSA or IDPA target with applicable "A-zones" in the body and head, and 4-inch and 8-inch circles in the head and body. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with as well! Printed on "buff" (tan) target paper in the USA.

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Shooting Fundamentals

The best practices relating to grip, stance, etc have seen significant shifts over the years. Are you sure your skills are in line with the best practices?

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This product bundle includes:

The full PIQ Online Training Course with all videos and student workbook

Our Shooting Fundamentals Course

A 100-Pack of PIQ Targets


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