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Introducing “Emergency Trauma Response.” Our video training course designed to help you save a life by arming you with the right skills to render emergency medical aid and sustain life. 


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Here at ConcealedCarry.com, we are defensive-minded shooters focused on the firearm as a defensive tool. However, we are the first ones to admit that you are more likely in life to need medical training and supplies than a firearm… and if you ever need a firearm you are definitely going to need medical training and supplies.

Car accidents, natural disasters, home accidents, and violent crime are a normal part of life. No town, neighborhood, or home is safe or free from life-threatening medical emergencies.

Based on the 2500 plus respondents to our recent medical preparedness survey, you probably have received some first-aid training at some point in your life but please consider some very critical things.

  1. The best practices relating to trauma care change over time. Even in the few years since I retired from the Navy as a Corpsman, there have been great advances and new practices and gear tested and proven for keeping people alive
  2. These skills are perishable. More than ½ of the respondents to our survey haven’t received any training in over 4 years and over 40% haven’t had training in the last 10 years. Even if your training was more recent we all know we can use a refresher
  3. Plus your average first-aid class doesn’t cover almost ANY of the material we will be discussing at this summit. We are focused on major trauma. Gunshot wounds, major bleeding, head trauma, etc. If you want to learn the latest and greatest on CPR techniques this isn’t the training for you. 
  4. Having this knowledge and these skills may be the difference between life and death for you or a loved one. When the stakes are that high, every ounce of information you can learn AND REMEMBER is critical

The 13 Modules of This Course:

  1. Trauma Medicine and the Combat Mind Set
  2. The Gear of a Medic
  3. Vital Signs and Anatomy
  4. Intro to MARCH
  5. Massive Hemorrhage
  6. Airway
  7. Respirations
  8. Circulation
  9. Hypothermia and Head Trauma
  10. Reassessment
  11. Other Injury Types
  12. Practical Tourniquet Exercises and Improvised Solutions
  13. Your Role as a Medic

Who is the Instructor?

Brian McLaughlin is a veteran of the War on Terror and has seen combat alongside Marines in Afghanistan. He cut his teeth on trauma with his first duty station as an ER TEchnician and has attended and passed qualifications for EMT as both a civilian and active-duty Navy Corpsman. He has attended multiple Combat Trauma Medicine courses and instructed Combat Life Saver for Marins and junior Corpsman. After leaving the military as an HM2 (FMF), he worked as a security consultant for faith-based organizations and led force-on-force active shooter drills including trauma management.


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