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The Discreet Carry Concepts clips are made of spring steel and are an excellent choice if you’re concerned about the durability of the clips, or want to reduce the profile.  They have the added advantage of grabbing clothing, enabling you to wear the holster without a belt, as long as your pants are capable of holding the weight.

Developed by professionals in the industry who not only carry guns daily, but are required to regularly employ violence all along the spectrum of violence, these clips have been tested rigorously and passed with flying colors.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. If you need a pair increase quantity to 2.

Please read the following descriptions carefully, there are several options available.

The “Universal” clips are height-adjustable using slots, enabling you to make micro-adjustments to the ride height, but their cant adjustment is minimal.   This makes them ideal for appendix carry, where you want the holster to – mostly – ride straight up and down.

The “Shorty” clips are cant-adjustable but their height adjustment is minimal.


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