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Brave Response 3.6.9 Belt


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The 3.6.9. Belt is not just another tactical belt, it is an undercover cargo pocket/utility belt that just so happens to hold up your pants and will empower you to carry more!

The core of the belt is 1- 3/4″ ultra-strong nylon safety harness webbing, we spent months looking for the mamma bear of webbing materials and this ultra-strong safety harness rated webbing that makes up the core of the belt, is just right!  Wrapping around your entire body it’s the PERFECT blend of strength and comfort. It is rigid enough to support a full load-out, rigid enough to support pants and your OWB holster, but it’s also flexible and supple enough to move and flex and hang with you all day long without creating uncomfortable pressure points and gouging into your side and creating discomfort.

Around that webbing, we have created a super durable cargo sleeve out of a brand new 4-way stretch canvas material that was originally developed and exclusively used by the U.S. Military and only recently available to the rest of us. At the top of the massive cargo sleeve is a zipper with two access pulls so that you can decide where you want to carry stuff and position the zipper pulls near the readily available stuff you want to carry every day and store the more secure things deeper inside where all you need to do is pull the zipper pulls over to that location to access things like emergency cash or a photocopy of your FFL/CCW permit/passport etc… whatever you want.

The 3.6.9 belt has been designed to maximize your undercover storage opportunities.

While most storage belts have a semi inconvenient zipper in the center on the back where you only have access to store things underneath the belt and have to remove it in order to access your storage, the 3.6.9. Belt has a 4-way stretch canvas wrapped around 1-3/4″ safety harness rated webbing so you can store things under the belt for ultimate security as well as on top of the safety harness webbing hidden from view concealed in the stretchy canvas pocket only accessible by the zipper pulls. So things like multi-tools, key FOB, knife, chapstick, phone chargers and cables, backup camera batteries can be stored on top where they aren’t digging into your waist because you are protected by the safety harness webbing, but still inside the belt so they are not snagging on stuff and showing everyone that you are carrying whatever you are carrying. This is enabled by the 4-way stretch, ultra-durable canvas material subtly covers over and contains the contents of your belt.

With 2 zipper pulls on each side and a massive cargo pocket that runs the entire length of the belt from buckle to buckle you can fold and carry shelter building materials, tourniquet, USB storage device, backup phone charging battery, Apple Airpods, diabetic treatment kits, markers pens pencils, Allen wrench set, sight adjustment tools, or whatever else will enable you to be better prepared to meet both the challenges of everyday life and those exigent circumstances that you couldn’t be prepared for otherwise.

One of the coolest high speed features of the 3.6.9. belt is the V-Lock buckle system.

Attracted together by magnetic force and locked together via German-engineered v-lock wedge geometry, buckling and unbuckling are fast and easy if not darn near totally automated! just place the two buckles near each other and they will attract and lock together, tighten the strap and the belt will hang with you all day long at the perfect tension. simply pull the tab and the buckle will separate quickly and easily.

The 3.6.9. belt ships in 4 sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, and be advised THEY RUN LARGE.

When your belt arrives in the mail the first thing you want to do is customize it to your proper waist size. The sizing has allot of overlap built into the lengths of the belt, so think about the stuff you carry every day and make sure that you buy the size that will enable you to carry more! simply overlap the velcro retaining straps, cut the ends to fit between the buckles and singe the ends with a lighter to prevent fray. Then the buckles will attract and lock together, ultra solid, tighten the tension strap and the belt will hang with you at the proper tension all day long.

The 3.6.9. Belt is intended to change the way you approach being prepared on a daily basis.

You can configure your belt to be able to handle ANYTHING from every day life by just packing a few extra tools or accessories that make life easier like phone chargers, ear buds, USB storage etc… All the way to cataclysm by packing it with emergency blankets and cable saws and water purification tablets and fishing or hunting supplies. Really it is totally up to you how you want to build your different EDC (Every Day Carry) kit or load-out, and everyone is going to use it a little bit differently depending on what you do every day, where you live, and what it takes to crush the day.


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