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We are Broadcasting Live from USCCA Concealed Carry Expo, Now

I just thought I'd take a moment to let you know that we are currently knee deep in our broadcasting live from the USCCA's Concealed Carry Expo, in Louisville, KY. If you wanted to attend, but couldn't for whatever reason, we've got you covered. Our current live feed is of the showroom floor, but we will continue to have interviews all week long with some of the biggest names in concealed carry.

In fact, in just a little bit, Tim Schmidt will be on air with us, followed by Chris and Michelle Cerino, and then other, exciting people all weekend long. Make sure you stay tuned in, and catch as much of the live feed as you can. Here is a peak, below:

USCCA Expo – Day 1

Posted by Concealed Carry on Friday, April 13, 2018

If that video isn't working, you can be sure to check out our Live Feed on our Facebook Page, here:

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