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NRA Annual Meetings Right Around The Corner And We’ll Be There

With the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo firmly behind us, we now look forward to the next big event, the NRA Annual Meetings. The annual meetings this year will be held in Dallas, Texas from May 4-6, and is sure to be an excellent time had by all who attend. Why?

Well, there are essentially two times per year when gun and related gear companies release new products, SHOT Show and this next event put on by the NRA. Will you be in attendance? Rest assured that, if you're not there, we will be covering the event with a camera and some other media, written, and otherwise.

For example, I've seen some of the podcast schedule, and you'll definitely want to listen in, even if you're going to be there. I can't say much yet because we are still firming up the details, but stay tuned for that information release because it'll be happening soon.

I have personally been to the Annual Meetings now several times and it is one of my favorite events, and one of the must-go-to conferences for gun nuts like us.

There are lots of things going on this year:

  • classes to attend
  • concerts to go to, like Charlie Daniels
  • politicians, like VP Mike Pence
  • celebrity appearances around the show, like Lou Ferirgno, Jerry Miculek, and others
  • brand new guns and gear to get your hands on
  • and much more

I know I speak for all of us at when I say I hope we see you there, and if you see one of us wearing a Concealed Carry polo shirt, come introduce yourself and say hi. For you Guardian Nation members consider wearing your member-exclusive t-shirt!

Stay tuned, as we ramp up for the second part of major gun and gear announcements. Let is know if you will be attending in the comments below. For more information and to see the entire schedule, visit the NRA Annual Meetings website.

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2 Responses to NRA Annual Meetings Right Around The Corner And We’ll Be There

  1. reidlos February 20, 2019 at 7:52 pm #

    My wife and I live in Frankfort Indiana, both of us are NRA members. With the 2019 meeting in Indianapolis, we are pre-registered for all three days. Are you going to make it to Indy? Sure hope to see you there this year.

    • Joshua Gillem February 21, 2019 at 1:53 pm #

      At least a few of us will be out at the 2019 Annual Meetings. I know I’m planning on going as I do every year, and I’m fairly certain at least Riley will be there as well. Thanks for the comment.


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