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Hi-Point Announces New Pistol For 2019

With newer leadership and a new logo apparently brings a new to market gun from Hi-Point Firearms. Details are pretty thin at this point, and there aren't any pictures, but what we do know is that it's a brand new offering.

From the press release we were sent we know this will be a “high capacity” 9mm with a threaded barrel. The following was taken from the press release we were sent:

This is not an old model with a few tweaks like the latest version of someone's 1911. This is an entirely new pistol of a more contemporary design and yet will retain Hi-Point's affordable pricing, reliability, robust construction, accuracy and owner following lifetime warranty.

Hi-Point is not a model flipping company and it has been years since their last new pistol design was unveiled. Their thought process is basically, if it works well and people can afford it, then it works well! However, Hi-Point's new owner wanted a more contemporary compact high-capacity pistol that is still Hi-Point affordable, robust, reliable and accurate.

Seems as if Hi-Point Firearms is coming out in 2019 throwing jabs with statements like: “few tweaks … to the latest version of someone's 1911” and “Hi-Point is not a model flipping company.” Time will tell if the pistol will be a right hook ending in a KO, or if it'll fizzle out among all the other new offerings.

In a strange turn of events, I do have to agree with their strategy to NOT offer up any images at this point until SHOT Show 2019.

It's smart to let the media make up their minds to help sway the consumer base to some degree. Some of the guns being released are getting a lot of negative press based on their pictures alone, without giving the guns a chance.

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