Giving Tuesday: A Chance to Support Second Amendment Rights

We're all familiar and likely quite sick of the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, there's a significant day that often goes unnoticed amidst these commercial giants: Giving Tuesday. This day, celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is dedicated to generosity and kindness. It's a global movement that inspires millions to give back, foster goodwill, and make a positive impact.

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The Essence of Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as a counterbalance to the consumerism surrounding the holiday season. It's a day where charities, families, businesses, community centers, and all people around the world can come together for a common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

While Giving Tuesday is about supporting a myriad of causes, it's also an opportunity for communities to support what they are most passionate about. For those of us in the concealed carry and firearms community, this is a perfect occasion to uphold our Second Amendment rights by supporting organizations dedicated to preserving and defending these rights.

Why Support Second Amendment Non-Profits?

The Second Amendment is a vital part of American history and culture. It ensures our right to self-defense and the security of a free state. This right is constantly under scrutiny and faces numerous challenges. By donating to pro 2nd Amendment foundations, you're not just giving money; you're supporting advocacy, education, legal action, and the preservation of your rights.

Where to Donate

This Giving Tuesday, I encourage readers to consider donating to foundations that support and defend your rights as armed Americans. You can choose where you would like to send your hard earned money, maybe you have a favorite charity or smaller regional organization you support. If you are looking for options to donate to each of these following organizations plays a crucial role in advocating for and defending the Second Amendment:


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Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC): Donate Here

The Firearms Policy Coalition, in my opinion, stands at the forefront in the defense of American gun rights today. They're particularly noted for their proactive approach in the judicial system, often engaging in critical legal battles to safeguard Second Amendment rights. FPC's efforts extend to educating the public and policymakers on gun rights and the importance of preserving these freedoms. By focusing on strategic litigation, research, and grassroots development, FPC aims to advance individual liberties and challenge unconstitutional gun control laws. Your donation to FPC supports a future where the right to bear arms is respected and protected.


Gun Owners of America Logo

Gun Owners of America (GOA): Donate Here

Gun Owners of America is renowned for its uncompromising stance on gun control legislation. This organization works relentlessly to lobby against any laws that infringe upon gun owners' rights. They are often seen as the ‘no-compromise' voice in the firearms community, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and advancing gun rights without yielding to political pressures. GOA's work includes educating both lawmakers and the public on the implications of gun legislation, advocating for policies that preserve and strengthen Second Amendment rights, and providing legal assistance in key court cases related to firearms. Supporting GOA means endorsing a strong, unwavering defense of your right to bear arms.


Second Amendment Foundation Logo

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF): Donate Here

The Second Amendment Foundation has a distinguished history of legal advocacy in defense of gun rights. Their work primarily revolves around legal challenges against unconstitutional gun laws and regulations. SAF's commitment to the judicial aspect of gun rights advocacy has led to significant court victories, setting important legal precedents that benefit gun owners nationwide. Apart from litigation, they also focus on educational and informational initiatives, ensuring the public is well-informed about gun rights issues. Donations to SAF contribute to a robust legal defense of the Second Amendment and the advancement of firearm education and awareness.


National Rifle Association (NRA) logo

National Rifle Association (NRA): Donate Here

Likely the most well-known organization in the firearms community. With a rich history and a large membership base, the NRA has been a pivotal force in American gun politics. Their activities encompass a wide range of efforts, including legislative lobbying, legal advocacy, and extensive educational programs aimed at promoting firearm safety and training. The NRA also engages in public awareness campaigns and provides resources for responsible gun ownership. Donating to the NRA supports a multifaceted approach to preserving Second Amendment rights, including political advocacy, public education, and legal efforts.


Giving Tuesday is more than just a day of donations; it's a day to uphold and support the values we cherish. As members of the Pro-Second Amendment community, we should do what we can to ensure that our voices are heard and our rights are preserved. Every donation, big or small, makes a difference in this ongoing battle for our rights.




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