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Episode 108: Fight the Noise – Talking the Maxim 9 With SilencerCo’s Jason Schauble

Topic: Fight the Noise – Talking the Maxim 9 With SilencerCo's Jason Schauble

SilencerCo invited into their headquarters and production facility in West Valley City, UT for a behind the scenes look at their operation and to check out the Maxim 9 as well as a bunch of their other great products. SilencerCo President Jason Schauble was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes to talk about the company, their philosophy, and about the future of silencers in the U.S. with the Hearing Protection Act making its way through committee. We would encourage you to check out SilencerCo and the #FightTheNoise campaign (links below). Listen in now…


  • – SilencerCo has some great new products plus easy to understand info on how to navigate the silencer purchasing process.
  • – Sign the petition and let your senators and representatives know of your support for this legislation NOW!

Picks of the Week

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    Rain-X rain repellent should be your pick of the week… Drive safely without using your wipers!

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