The Guns & Gear of Jack Ryan Season 3

Season 3 of Jack Ryan has been out for a little more than a month now. We've finally finished watching it, and decided to do a breakdown of some of the guns and gear featured this season. There's quite a bit of stuff, so let's dig in.

Love them or hate them, Glocks make an appearance in most movies and television shows featuring firearms. The Glock 17 is featured in season 3 as it was in the first two seasons. Here, you can see Jack reloading his G17 (bonus points for solid trigger finger discipline).

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It's not all stock Glocks, though. European police forces in the show carry the CZ P-09.

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Both Glock and CZ make excellent concealed carry firearms, but there's more gear in the show than just handguns. 5.11 Tactical supplied plate carriers, backpacks, and clothing, which appeared at several points throughout season 3. The henchmen in the frame below are outfitted with 5.11's TacTec Plate Carriers.

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And Jack Ryan is carrying a 5.11 Rush 12 backpack in a few episodes throughout season 3. As well as 5.11 Ridge Pants (not pictured).

(Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Finally, check out the BRESSER Travel 20-60×60 Spotting Scope that Jack Ryan used in episode 4.

All eight episodes of season 3 of Jack Ryan are currently available on Amazon Prime Video. What gear can you spot and ID? The featured gear from 5.11 Tactical is available here:

5.11 Tac-Tec Plate Carrier

5.11 Tactical Rush 2.0 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Ridge Pants

Bresser 20-60×60 Spotting scope

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