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Happy Birthday America Sale

We love this time of year. Our great country celebrates another year of freedom, fireworks light up the night sky to commemorate that freedom, and our biggest sale of the year available only to members of our Guardian Nation program are almost upon us.

This year's sale is going to be as massive as it has been for the past few years with our members in a feeding frenzy to gobble up all the goodies they can get. We'll get to that in a minute.

But while I have your attention let me tell you more about Guardian Nation, the benefits it offers, and how you can join to participate in this sale where we actually lose money.

There are a host of benefits our GN members get. Some of their favorites are as follows:

  • Monthly members-only live broadcast
  • Quarterly gear box filled with useful products for concealed carry
  • Extensive skills video library
  • Discounts on everything we sell every day of the year
  • Massive sales twice each year
  • Ammo discounts at Ammo Supply Warehouse
  • And more

So, here's the cool thing – you get your money's worth in the value of the gear box alone because we guarantee that the MSRP of each box will at least be equal to the membership dues you pay each quarter.

This means that everything else listed above is the icing and cherry on top of the already sweet cake that is Guardian Nation membership. Click here to learn more and join:

guardian nation

Trust me, it's worth it to join just to take advantage of this sale. How so? Because if you were to buy just one of our door busters, like this one, (but at our discounted price of $39.99 saving you $119), your savings would cover one quarter (3 months) of membership, also qualifying you for the gear box.

Where else can you sign up for a program, buy something at 75% off, and then get more useful stuff sent to you with the money you saved?

I'll answer for you: Nowhere.

This is that range bag, by the way. Its MSRP is $159.95 but we have a limited number of them available at a whopping $39.99:

I want that range bag, by the way. My current bag is falling apart and it's time. I cannot participate in the sale, though, so if you get one I'm hoping you'll tell me what you think about it.

You can see the rest of the sale items, and there is a ton more, by visiting our Happy Birthday America Page.

While the door busters are the best deals we have, there are other items listed. Some of them are at 60-something percent off which is still fantastic. Again, we actually lose money on this sale just for our members.


Because we love and appreciate them. They're people who take training for a deadly force encounter seriously.

I hope you get a chance to check out our Happy Birthday America Page, and sign up for Guardian Nation. I'm sure there's something we have in our sale that you've been eyeballing for a while. This is the perfect time to buy it.

The sale begins at 8am MT on July 2nd and ends at 11:59pm MT on July 6th.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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