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5 Exciting and New Products from Holosun – SHOT Show 2022

This week, we learned about 5 new product releases from Holosun, including one game-changing optic known as the Solar Charging Sight (SCS). Also included are the new EPS and EPS Carry (Enclosed Pistol Sight) optics which take the same great features of the 509T and condense them into a much smaller footprint.


We sat down with Adam Litke of Holosun and recorded an interview where he explained the new P.ID (Positive Identification Device) and RML (Rail Mounted Laser). I've included the video at the bottom of the post.

Holosun Solar Charging Sight (SCS) —

Holosun continues to be an innovator in the very competitive space of pistol red dot optics. For example, the battery inside one of their newest offerings, the SCS, don't need replacing. Instead, it uses solar cells to charge an internal battery.

Holosun SCS

Once fully charged, the battery can still run the optic for 20,000 hours in complete darkness. In other words, you don't have to worry about the dot disappearing because it ran out of juice.

Holosun removed the need for a battery tray, so the optic body is much shorter. Additionally, the SCS is milled for specific firearms. The milling and lower profile allow co-witnessing without needing to buy taller sights.


The optic is slightly smaller than the well-known 509 optic model. The Holosun constructed the SCS optic using titanium.

There is only one button on the optic, which allows you to choose the specific reticle or dot you want and power the unit off for long-term storage.

The optic auto-adjusts for brightness but does it brilliantly. Multiple sensors determine how bright the reticle should be. By pulling information from various sensors, the optic can compensate for conditions where the gun is in a dimly lit place, but the target is in a brighter environment.

Holosun Enclosed Pistol Sight (EPS) and EPS Carry —

The EPS and EPS Carry both use a closed emitter design, meaning the emitter and glass is less susceptible to collecting debris from everyday carry. Holosun designed this line optic to fit the 507/407K footprint.

Holosun EPS

The EPS is about the same size as a 509 and slightly larger than the EPS Carry.

The EPS Carry has built-in “rear sight” that should co-witness most factory sights. In addition, it has a 6MOA dot and all the familiar features of the 507/407 optic line.

Holosun Rail Mounted Laser (RML) —

The laser mounts to all types of rails, and you activate it with pressure switches on both sides. Similar to weapon-mounted lights you're familiar with, the RML can be activated momentarily or constant on. Holosun makes the RML with red and green laser options.

holosun RML

Holosun Positive Identification Device (P.ID) —

The P.ID is Holosun's weapon-mounted light product. One rechargeable 18350 powers the light. You probably already have a cable that can charge the P.ID, as it uses a micro USB cord common to many electronics today.

holosun weapon mounted light

The light puts out 500 or 1000 lumens, depending on the setting. So you will get 2-3 hours of run time with the 1000-lumen setting and 4-6 on the 500-lumen setting.

holosun shot show 2022

Finally —

Holosun estimates these products will become available near the end of quarter one or the beginning of quarter two.

Okay, that's it for yesterday. We have a lot more exciting content we will be publishing over the next few days, but I have to get back to the show floor. Consider following our Facebook and Instagram social media pages because we post videos and photos as we find exciting things throughout the day.

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One Response to 5 Exciting and New Products from Holosun – SHOT Show 2022

  1. Tommy Hathaway March 9, 2022 at 9:51 am #

    I enjoyed the article very much. I have a few question for you. Will the Holosun SCS be milled for the Glock G43X MOS?
    About when should I see it available? Can I order or pre-order through Holosun?
    I thank you and my G43X MOS thanks you, too.

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