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GN Live With Jeff Houston

Jeff Houston

It's nearly that time again, my friends: The time when we host someone awesome with real world experience for our GN Live Broadcast. These events are just for our Guardian Nation members to attend and this time around we've got Jeff Houston, lead instructor for the NRA Carry Guard and former Special Ops soldier.

Furthermore, Jeff is an NRA certified instructor and counselor, a competent practical shooter, and has trained countless people to be proficient with a firearm.

He'll be joining us live tomorrow evening where our Guardian Nation members will have the chance to ask him questions, live, as he will no doubt drop gold nugget after gold nugget of useful information.

The Guardian Nation Live Broadcast is a fan-favorite for many of our GN members because it's one of the only places where regular people like you and I can catch up with a pro like Jeff and actually ask him questions.

In fact, I asked the GN private Facebook Group (one of our newest benefits to membership) what they thought of our Live Broadcasts just because I was curious about what they had to say. Here are a couple of their answers:

Russell D. had this to say —

I viewed the John Lovell episode. I like being able to actually ask questions and get responses.

John P. had this to say —

Listened live to the John Lovell episode … I enjoyed the Q&A session especially the questions from other members. The broad experience levels of GN members provides a wealth of knowledge and is one of the best “perks” of membership. They ask questions I haven’t even considered – but I get the benefit of gaining knowledge that moves me ahead faster than all alone.

The live broadcast is a favorite “perk” of becoming a member along with the quarterly gear box, constant discounts, insane skills library, and now even access to Jacob, Riley, Matthew, and myself (even though I'm hardly as skilled as the others) in the private Facebook Group.

Anyway, let's get back to Jeff Houston. We recently had the chance to record a podcast with him. You can listen to it here:

I urge you to check out how to become a member of the Guardian Nation and all the benefits it has to offer by clicking this link. We'd love to see you on the inside.

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