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We are on the lookout for firearm instructors, enthusiasts, and professionals who want to make some money and increase their own online reputation by contributing to our audience. Tens of thousands of people subscribe to our articles and videos via email and social channels and the number is growing rapidly.

We will pay from $6 to $100 for each piece of content you contribute to our audience. So what do you need to do?

Step 1: Fill out the below form to apply to be a contributor

Step 2: Submit your ideas to our editorial team or ask for an assignment (we have plenty of ideas)

Step 3: Submit your draft and get paid via Paypal the same day

Rules: In order to keep this clean and family-friendly, we have to lay some ground rules. Here you go:

  • Blatant product endorsements will not be allowed. If you are sharing your list of 10 favorite handguns, that is fine, but blog posts dedicated to endorsing a product or third party website will be deleted.
  • Links: We are not a tool for other marketers to use to increase their links or SEO. Please only contribute to help the readers learn and grow. We’d love for you to include your name and a little about yourself (you deserve the credit for your ideas), but keep the links and marketing out of it.
  • All content must be original. Even if you are the original author we cannot approve any content that has already been or will be published somewhere else online.
  • In addition to the above guidelines we I do reserve the right to moderate and approve all content published. Thanks in advance for understanding! I’m excited to hear your ideas!

If that sounds all good to you please fill out this form to apply:

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