VIDEO—Lunatic Car Thief and Heroic Bystander

car thief

I recently came across this video of an incident that went down in a parking lot. A female degenerate tried to steal a purse away from an elderly woman. When witnesses came to help, the malefactor jumped into the elderly lady’s vehicle and tried to drive away. This is where it gets wild. Breaking Down…

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Isn’t Brandishing Your Gun Illegal?


I read a recent news report of a defensive gun use that got me thinking about some bad self defense legal advice that I’ve seen on and heard from many people over the years. Maybe you’ve also seen or heard something like this—If you draw the gun, you better use it, because if you don’t,…

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14-Year-Old Shot Playing Hide and Seek and 3 Similar Stories

It appears there is a growing trend that is incredibly disturbing. I’m not talking about some new Tick-Tock challenge where teens do something idiotic for approval from strangers. Over the last couple months, we’ve seen three irresponsible gun owners display criminal conduct with their firearm. Sadly, now we can add a fourth story. I’m usually…

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2 Videos | When the Weapon is a Vehicle

I pulled two videos off the internet which are similar in the sense that they show someone using their vehicle as a weapon. There are many similar videos you could easily find, but I just included these two. I think these two videos have similarities, yet are different enough to illustrate the point from a…

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