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earclip for hearing protection

Hearing Protection Belt Clip | Review

Earmuff-style hearing protection for shooting is extremely popular, and for good reason. It is much comfortable than sticking plugs into your ears, as well as much hygienic. And electronic earmuffs or those that allow you to hear conversation and range commands, but block out harmful, high-decibel sounds are a must for anyone who […]

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biden pushes for gun control

Biden Knows Best, Demands Gun-Control

Today, President Biden emerged from hiding and gave a real-life speech. It’s true he didn’t stick around for questions. However, to be fair the early bird special at Golden Corral isn’t going to last forever. The speech was addressing the biggest issue facing Americans. Something that he as president simply will not allow to continue. […]

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AR-15 with ammo

Best Home Defense Gun, I Choose an AR-15

Okay, many people ask me: “what is the best home defense gun?” The answer requires a bit of an explanation so stick around, I’ll give you one. I don’t just choose my AR-15, I have multiple things that I’ve incorporated into my home defense strategy. I’ve put a strategy together beforehand. My AR-15 is my […]

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constitutional carry for iowa

Iowa Constitutional Carry Win and More

States across the country continue to charge forward and pass pro-gun legislation. On April 2, 2021, Iowa became the twenty-first state in the country to enact constitutional or permitless carry of handguns. Whats, Iowa became the 4th state in just the first 3 months of 2021 to pass such laws! The most recent state to […]

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