I Survived a Carjacking, 8 Takeaways


As concealed carriers, we have our firearm on us; knowing the odds are good, we will never have to use it. We practice and train for an incident we pray never happens. However, because of obvious logistical issues, most concealed carriers have a huge void in their skillset. That being techniques and skills to better…

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Episode 295: “Why I Carry 145 Rounds on the Job” – The Story of Tim Gramins

Today, Riley interviews Tim Gramins, an Illinois law enforcement officer who was involved in a harrowing fight for his life from a gang member that was intent on killing. Officer Gramins ultimately prevailed, but only after shooting the suspect than a dozen times including at least 6 rounds that were fatal wounds, and yet somehow the thug kept on coming. Tim talks with us about what this shootout taught him, what prepared him for that day, and what about it caused him to make some changes to his loadout and current preparation.

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