Episode 175: Road Rage Turns Into Deadly Shooting

Last week we told you about the war on guns that is building and is coming. This week we see skewed and biased reporting from Quinnipiac University with a poll about support for an assault weapons ban. We see so-called journalistic publications asking for donations to help them publish content on guns, gun violence, and gun control because where it comes to gun control “we just aren’t doing enough.” We have a Republican-controlled Congress that is afraid to do anything on pro-gun legislation for fear of it not being good for “optics.” So instead they feel they must do something, and some Senators and Representatives are getting on board with “low hanging fruit of common sense regulation.” At least Michigan is doing some things right as last week the Senate passed a bill that reduces the number of “Gun Free Zones” and this week the House passed a bill for constitutional carry. Follow along, and don’t forget the powerful lessons to be learned from today’s JUSTIFIED stories.

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