Georgia Prosecutor Shoots Himself Inside Courthouse

According to news reports, a Georgia Prosecutor unintentionally shot himself in the upper leg. The incident presents us with three major lessons. Here is what happened. Unintended Discharge in a Georgia Courthouse — Earlier this month, a Georgia Assistant District Attorney (ADA) was inside the courthouse speaking to a colleague. As the two talked about…

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When Dry Fire isn’t ‘Dry’ – I only Killed my Refrigerator

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Handling firearms comes with substantial risk. Unfortunately, the risk doesn’t disappear just when we leave the range. Many unintended discharges (UDs) occur when people conduct dry fire practice. When Dry Fire Practice Isn’t “Dry” Part I Unintended Discharges — There is a belief that only inexperienced or reckless gun owners have unintended discharges. But is…

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