A Fresh Look At Marijuana and Gun Ownership

marijuana and guns

UPDATE on February 6, 2023 : Federal Judge—Law Barring Marijuana Users From Owning Firearm is Unconstitutional Last month I covered a news story in which a child unintentionally shot and killed himself while he was in the car with his mother and sibling. Since then, I learned of some additional information that, at the time,…

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Insider: LE Adds Names to NICS Violating Due-Process

John Crump wrote a post on the website, Ammoland, that details how people can be added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) index without them even knowing it.  Whats Can add people to the index without the person even violating state law. The answer is yes, here’s how. What is The NICS:…

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Marijuana, Concealed Carry And Guns

medical marijuana guns

Why is this important? Because although states have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, the federal government still classifies marijuana as a schedule I drug which is defined as having no medicinal benefit.

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Episode 439: Ultimate Concealed Carry Beginners Guide #5

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster bring to you the 5th installment of the Ultimate Concealed Carry Beginner’s Guide. We will be discussing one eye vs two eyes, quick-access storage solutions, alcohol and marijuana use, short-term and long-term maintenance, and other great topics geared to assist you in your personal concealed carry journey.

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