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Myth Busted: Revolvers Don’t Fail

I’m sure I’m about to ruffle some feathers on this one, and that’s ay. What I’m about to say is factually true, and that’s all that matters. There are tons of myths floating around from folks, and I’d like to put one of them to rest today. Revolver Reliability Myth– Have you ever heard someone […]

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s2e8 type 3 malfunctions

S2E8: The Mother of All Malfunctions

Today, Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen discuss the latest Shooter Ready Challenge video from This month’s challenge is about type 3 malfunctions, also known as double-feeds. We’ll discuss a couple of different methodologies for solving these types of malfunctions and explore efficiency opportunities. Tune in!

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My Honor Guard with BarrelBlok and MagBlok installed

Barrel Blok – Everyone Should Own This Tool

I’m a fairly open-minded guy and tend to lo at almost all gear as having its time and its place. Rarely do I find something and think, “every gun owner should have one of these.” This is one of those times. Before I tell you anything about BarrelBl let me also tell you that we […]

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