Kidnapping at Elementary School Stopped by Armed Teacher

ogden school

An armed teacher intervened after a man attempted to kidnap an elementary school child from the playground. The teacher fired no shots, the suspect is in custody, and the child is physically unharmed. Stories You May Not Hear About Elsewhere: You may not have heard about this incident. Incidents involving the justified, life-saving use of…

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Episode 111: Man Facing Murder Charges After Fatally Shooting Car Thief

In today’s news: Riley and Jacob talk about a news story that is the perfect example as to the problems with gun confiscation laws without due process, especially in the case of mental health. One man sought a little help, and ended up losing his guns for over 2 years even though it was proven he was not a mental health risk!! Plus 2 stories where CCWers are facing charges because they may not have made the right decisions. To find out why, tune in now…

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