Untold Truths About Background Checks

background checks

How do criminals get their guns? Do background checks keep criminals from getting guns? What happens when someone lies on the application to buy a gun? We must have factual answers to these common questions. It is especially true because of the legal implications and dishonest media providing untruthful information on the topic. What are…

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Right to Know: What is a Pistol Brace?

pistol brace ban

Many people are wondering: What exactly is a pistol brace? The component attaches to the rear of a pistol and rests around the user’s forearm. Also called a stabilizing brace or arm brace, the device does just what its name suggests. It distributes the weight and adds another point of contact between the gun and the…

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Joe Biden’s Gun Control Plan Broken Down

I’m coining a new phrase for this upcoming election that seems to be the mantra from everyone who plans to vote for creepy uncle joe. It goes like this: “Just vote blue, no matter who! Even if he hasn’t got a clue.” Ya know, because he doesn’t have a clue. I’m not even sure if…

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