The Definitive Guide to the Greatest Firearms Trainers of All-Time: Unlock Your Potential!

shooting from cover and concealment

I’ve been blessed to work in this industry for several years now. As’s Social Media Guru and all-around Marketing guy I’ve been able to be immersed in the firearms training industry. My position provided me with the privilege of rubbing shoulders with exceptional instructors. Many of which have shaped the landscape of self-defense education. …

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The Next Best Thing to Combat

  Experience is king in combat. The one who’s been in the most fights generally has a considerable edge. But experience is a hard thing to get. Not only is it difficult and infrequent, but that kind of experience comes with a substantial amount of risk. And while you can learn far from failures…

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How Did Your Firearm Instructor Get Certified?

In order to keep up with the immense and still growing demand of citizens loing to get their license, the number of those tasked with teaching concealed carry classes has increased, as well. But how do you know that your instructor has credentials strong enough to properly teach? Well, that’s what we’re here to let you know, today.

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