S7E14: Legislative Updates – Handgun Ban in Canada

Riley and Matthew discuss Legislative News from around the world including stories about how there’s disagreement apparently between members of the Senate and the ATF on the “Ghost Gun Rule.” We take a lo at the mess regarding concealed carry in the state of New York and we discuss the travesty taking place across our northern border where Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, has implemented a freeze on all handgun purchases and transfers throughout the country.

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WA State Legislature, Hates Gun Owners – Passes Magazine Ban

30 round high capacity ar 15 magazine

Late Friday, the Washington State Legislature dealt another blow to gun owners in the Pacific Northwest. With a vote of 55-42, the Washington Senate passed SB5078. Everyone knows the law does nothing to enhance public safety. It only gives desperate Democrat lawmakers a pound of flesh that they can throw to their gun-hating base. SB5078…

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Russian Ammo Ban: Biden Punishes Russia and US Gun Owners

joe biden pistol braces atf

The Biden Administration is imposing new sanctions banning ammunition and firearms imported from Russia. It is hard to ignore the potential negative impact of this ammo ban. Here is the announcement from the U.S. State Department: Russia Ammunition Import Ban Pursuant to the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (the…

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Suppressor Ban and Buy Back Put Forth

This is my opinion and some news rolled into one concerning the suppressor buyback scheme: New Jersey anti gun politicians propose using federal grant dollars to buyback an item that is used in only a small number of crimes each year. Good job on this nonsensical proposition, guys and gals. You’ve nailed it. The HEAR…

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