Can I shoot in My Backyard in Florida?

Is shooting on my private property in Florida legal? I have been a firearms instructor for over 10 years. Over that time, I have seen changes to many of our gun laws. With guns, it is essential to remember that it is our responsibility to understand the law. Students and friends routinely ask me, “can…

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Can I shoot in My Backyard in South Carolina?

If you live in South Carolina and like to shoot, you may have wondered if you can shoot your firearm in your backyard. I’ll try to give some guidance on this. First things, first. The context of this article has to do with shooting recreationally. If you’re defending yourself or someone else on your property,…

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Shooting Guns on Private Property in Texas

risk assesment

There are so many laws that regulate shooting guns. If you live in Texas and own firearms, you might have wondered if you can shoot guns on your private property. And if so, how can you make sure you do it legally? Well, the answer to the last question depends on some factors. Let’s break…

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