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SHOT Show 2019

Our team is out in force at SHOT Show 2019. This page is the fastest way to find the latest videos and articles from SHOT Show. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see all the updates and behind the scenes action!

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Recent Articles From The Show:

Episode 296: The Best and Worst of SHOT Show 2019 - s Today, Riley and Matthew discuss our favorite and least favorite things we saw at SHOT Show just a few weeks ago.
SHOT Show 2019 Wrapup - s SHOT Show 2019 is behind us, and what a crazy time it was. I've got a few of these shows under my belt now, but can say that this was the most stressful one by far. As you read from our company President, Jacob Paulsen, our website was attacked […]
Stoeger STR-9 Pistol at SHOT Show 2019 - s Stoeger is known for their great shotguns (<–like this one). One thing they don't do much of, are pistols. All that changed at SHOT Show 2019 with the introduction of their STR-9, striker fired 9mm pistol. The new Stoeger STR-9 pistol los to be a very affordable 9mm handgun with […]
New Hi Point Prototype - s While there isn't much info out there on this new, nameless prototype, it is currently slated to have a threaded barrel, the option to install a red dot sight, and will have an accessory rail for that flashlight or laser.
New From Next Level Training at SHOT Show 2019 - s There are a ton of dry fire tools out there, some better than others. But, one of our favorite tools available is from Next Level Training. We like their gear so much we sell their stuff in our on store. You can see the gear we sell for them, […]
Colt's King Cobra - s The King is back, and no I'm not talking about Elvis, Michael, or George VI. I'm talking about King Cobra, Colt's revisit to a classic .357 magnum revolver, and it's got me smiling.
Episode 289: How an AR Pistol Brace is REALLY Meant to be Used – Rick Cicero - s While at SHOT Show 2019, Riley and Matthew had the opportunity to connect with Rick Cicero again to talk about the work his organization, Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA –, is doing. We get some updates as well on Rick since the last time we saw him about […]
Shot Show 2019: Mossberg Re-Enters the Pistol Game After 100 Years - s MC1sc Photo: Mossberg Jacob Paulsen is at Shot Show 2019 to talk with Wes from Mossberg about the first pistol the company has released since it’s very first production pistol in 1919 which was popular with trappers during that time period. Since the first .22 caliber derringer pistol, Mossberg […]